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Tom Ends a Gig, But Gains Wisdom, Maybe? - Issue #60

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey there,
You hanging in there? Hope so.
A long-time gig of mine just ended. It was a mutual decision, but still. I’ll miss it. I did it for 8 years. No more Top 5 at Tech Republic from me. They’re changing and I’m changing and the whole world is changing. So there’s no hard feelings on either side, trust me. Just makes you wistful.
Tech Republic’s Top 5 was the third iteration of a To 5 I did. The first was at CNET and started around 2006 or 2007. The second was for Revision 3 which I only did fro like 2010 to 2012. And the longest-running one was the one I did for Tech Republic which went from 2014 to this year. Pretty darn good long run if you ask me.
But in the broader scheme of things, I’m getting slower. I remember in my thirties thinking “How did I do a full load of college and a full time job at a radio station the same time?” Now I find myself thinking “How did I do a full time job and independent podcasts at the same time?”
And I’m pretty close to someday thinking “How did I do all those shows at the same time?” Time for me to recoup the rewards of wisdom and experience. Work smarter not harder. Talk in cliches. Heheh. But seriously, I really find myself benefiting from cutting back and focusing. Not all of that is age but some of it is.
The total upside of that is I feel better about the things I still do and I feel like I’m doing them better. This week of DTNS is some of the best general shows we’ve ever done. Great guests, great topics, and interesting discussions. And right along with this we made Digital Trends top tech podcasts of 2022! Thanks y'all.
If you’re one of the folks who doesn’t always look through the show blurbs below, do me favor this week. Click on the one called Fan- Ron Richards (if you haven’t already). Ron and I got deep about what it means to be a fan of something, both the dark side and the amazing side. We start talking about comic books but end up talking more about music than anything else. And you MUST hear his story of what he though the word fan meant when he was a kid and why hot summers on Long Island made him adore the word. It’s brilliant.
Have a great weekend y'all,

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Tom Merritt
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