The Real Reason Netflix is getting into Gaming





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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
The autumn swing is here. Tech announcements are coming thick and fast. Want to know what I think of the new Amazon Astro robot? Or WHY I think Netflix is getting into gaming? Well the short answer is that I don’t think Astro is as bad or as “spy-like” as many, I’m still not sure what if anything it’s good for. And Netflix is getting into gaming because it couldn’t replicate the GameFly games by mail system back in the day. So it’s been biding it’s time for games on the internet to come into their own. Full takes available in Wednesday’s episode of DTNS.
I also really have to tell youhow excited I am that some of you have decided to jump into my writer’s Patreon to get “The Girl at the Bottom fo the Lake” podcast. I think it’s one of my better “reads” and I absolutely adore the story. Dimension Rangers! A school on dimensional physics set in a castle! Secret space-time rifts! It’s all there. If you haven’t jumped in yet and you’d like to get in on the action, the first three installments are out on
Oh and of course I know YOU don’t need tips about password managers. But I also know you know somebody who does. So please pass along my latest Top 5 video from Tech Republic on tips for password managers.
Finally as always I had a blast appearing on Ken Ray’s amazing “IN a Few Minutes.” from the possibility of Apple being mandated to abandon Lightning, to supply chain issues to the Foundation series and a my three all-time best dinner guests. You have to listen to all the episodes!
Off to eat pumpkin-spiced pumpkin pie. The only real pumpkin spice food.

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