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Roger Chang is the Best

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
I’ve liked Roger Chang for a long time. He’s good people. He was one of the very first people I met at ZDTV way back in 1999, he’s the only person I’ve had a continuous uninterrupted podcast with since 2005. And if I had to move a body he’d be the person I’d call.
So I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to work with him and even happier to call out the excellent work he does ont he show. This week is a centerpiece of that. I challenged Roger to schedule new people who have never been on DTNS before for 5 days in a row. And to raise the difficulty level we made it happen in the middle of July when everyone is on vacation.
Roger. Delivered.
We talked with Jack Rhysider of DarkNet Diaries about how he gets people to talk about their nefarious exploits in computer maliciousness.
Will Smith (no the other one. No the other other one) talked to us about all the changes in broadcast tech over the years and shared his favorite picks if you’re setting up a home studio.
Quinn Nelson explained why Apple has the best gaming laptop out there. They just need to encourage the games!
Joel Tellling shared his considerable knowledge and enthusiasm about 3D printers and got us all up to speed on what amazing things you can do with them
And Justin Robey gave us the scoop on building a PC in a world of uncertain supply chains and fluctuating prices.
I learned something every day. I hope you did, or will, too. So thanks Roger Chang for me will you. The guy is awesome.
A Word with Tom Merritt hit its FOURTH episode. How is that possible??? Come listen to Analee Newitz and I talk about how we categorize ourselves and why we wish categories were not so sticky.
Have a great weekend!

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