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Project Vera the Audiobook. Get the whole thing early!

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Happy weekend everybody!
I’m so excited about Project Vera the audio book because it has been submitted to Audible. Yay! While I wait for it to go live (up to 10 days) I’ve made the entire thing available to the folks who have supported my writing Patreon. THANK YOU for supporting it and making it possible. (And if you’re not a writing Patron yet you can still join and get it right now.)
That’s my main jam this week. So excited to get this out. That said, we had great episodes of Cordkillers, Daily Tech News Show, It’s a Thing and more!
I’m back to working on that but thanks again. Have a great week!

Top 5 things to know about supply chain attacks - TechRepublic
About Backup Strategies
Cordkillers 368 – MeeMaw+ (w/ Owen JJ Stone)
Do You Even Metaverse, Bro? - DTNS 4079
Computing in Plastic - DTNS 4078
Stranger Netflix Chess Game? - DTNS 4077
RCS and a Moon Pie - DTNS 4076
Anti Gravity Chili - DTNS 4075
Tom Is Not A Fashion Icon - It's a Thing 172
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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt @acedtect

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