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Making DTNS Even Better

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
Good to be chatting with you again.
Quite a week for me both personally and professionally. On the personal/homeowner side we finished a big redo of the front yard. We tore out the grass, put in drip irrigation and added in a bunch of native desert flowers and shrubs. Looks good and will save us a ton of water. We also have people fixing a leak int he patio roof right now.
But you come here for the pro side right? This year on Daily Tech News Show we’re kicking off with a push toward makign the show the best it’s ever been. This is the beginning of the show’s ninth year. 9! I cannot believe it. So I’m chatting with each member of the staff to figure out what’s working for them and what ideas they have. Honestly the best part of this is hearing over and over again how much they enjoy working on the show and how their ideas all sort of mesh together.
Once I’ve chatted with everybody I’m goign to take all the notes and great brainstorming and we’ll all get together and talk about what we want to implement. Then some of those ideas will go into a survey for you to look at and express an opinion about. So look for that in February.
Meanwhile I got back in the groove on Cordkillers this week with the always amazing Iyaz Akhtar to review some of the top cord-cutting announcements from CES. And we speculate about what might be coming down the road regarding the new shape of how TV is delivered.
Thanks for hanging out int he show’s chat rooms and discords or even just dropping a note here on email. Great to hear from y'all.
Have a greet weekend.

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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt @acedtect

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