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It's a Pretty Amazing World

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
I’m checking out a little early this week since we’re getting up early to watch the BTS concert live stream from Busan. I know. It’s a thing, OK?
But that’s were my head is at. Figuring out how to get enough sleep this afternoon to keep my old self up in order to enjoy a thing halfway across the world that would have been impossible to see at all when I was young enough to stay up easily.
In all the negativity around, well, everything, these days I try not to lose sight of the fact that we as a species are doing some amazing things.
When I was 12 it was 1982. It seemed amazing that I could see live TV from Europe. But that was reserved for news events like a royal wedding or the Olympics. Even the Olympics was mostly not live. Getting live radio was easier but even then you had to have a shortwave radio and then when you picked up the BBC world service it felt like magic.
All those things are mundane now. Royal events in the UK? Multiple live streams not just of main events but of people just standing in a line. BBC World Service? How would you like it? I listen now by talking to an Amazon Echo and telling it to play it. No need to tune a shortwave radio on the right frequency for the time of day. The Olympics? We were able to live stream every single event from China. CHINA!
And tonight, early in the morning, I’ll tell my Amazon Echo “Turn on the Apple TV.” I’ll launch WeVerse, an app made in Korea. And click a couple buttons and be streaming a Korean group doing a concert from Busan, Korea, for Koreans. For free.
Substitute things you love into the examples above and you’ll get what I mean. We can do so many amazing things that keep the world closer together. I just hope we don’t lose sight of all the good because of some of the bad.
My Grandma Roxie was born when electricity and automobiles were for early adopters. She lived through two world wars, the spanish flu, the great depression and the cold war.
And as she used to say, “The good ain’t forever, but the bad ain’t for good.”
God bless you Grandma Roxie.

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