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Is CES still worth it?

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
So CES 2022 happened. We almost covered it in person. Not me but DTNS producer Amos and DTNS co-host Rich Stroffolino. we had a space reserved for them in the Central Hall to set up shop and get folks covering the show to come by and be on DTNS. I was even toying with the idea of flying in for a day just to see it.
And then everybody started canceling. At first we were still going to send folks. Amos and Rich were both OK with going and even without big companies we thought it would still be good to have somebody on the ground to pick up guests and interviews.
Then the outlets covering it started to cancel their attendance. You know like the Verge, TechCrunch etc.
So we thought maybe we’d still send Amos to have a spot for a few guests on the show but Rich might not need to go.
Then the guests we had booked said they weren’t going, specifically Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse.
So then we backed out too. Because there really wasn’t much reason to spend the money to send people if there were few companies and fewer potential guests.
So here’s to an in person CES next year?
In any case I thought that even being mostly virtual it was a pretty good CES. The recent trend of having a higher percentage of products with shipping dates continued. We have a full week of covergae on DTNS detailed below from Shannon telling us about cool laptop form factors ato Patrick and Robert Heron giving us bookend coverage of TVs and home theaters to Allison’s cool picks form the announcements and Nate Lanxon’s inisght on smart home and more.
It’s always an abrupt start to the new year but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Also, Justin Robert Young had me on to talk abotu NFTs and his theory that the pro and anti NFT crowd is the latest manifestation of jocks vs. nerds. Listen to the whole thing here.
Happy 2022 everybody!

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