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Introducing Podcast Hall of Famer, Molly Wood- Issue #42

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
The newsletter is going out a little later this week because I didn’t want a spoiler. By the time you read this I will have introduced my good friend Molly Wood at her induction into the Podcast Hall of Fame. They streamed on YouTube so you should be able to watch it there if you want.
Here’s the script I prepared to introduce her. WHO KNOWS WHAT I ACTUALLY SAID? I suppose we can all watch and find out. I possibly won’t remember myself.
Congrats Molly!! You rock.
I met Molly Wood for the first time in 2004 when I interviewed to be her boss. She had just returned to CNET and they wisely wanted her on board with whoever would run her team so she interviewed me. Because, let’s be honest, no one is the boss of Molly Wood. The AP, CNET the New York Times, Marketplace and Jason Calacanis know what I mean.
I feel like Molly has been podcasting all her life. That interview was fun. It was banter. In fact that kind of banter is what led our boss to pair us up to do CNET’s Buzz Out Loud.
I was spoiled by that. We started podcasting in February 2005, meaning I had the best podcast cohost you could have right from jump. Molly doesn’t need a script, or hell, even a topic, to make a great show. She just needs the mic on and the recording going.
I have been privileged to still benefit from that talent today on the show It’s a Thing. Where Molly teaches me slang like On One and Yassification. I know not all of you may get those terms so let me use them in a sentence. Molly embodies the yassification of podcasting. Molly was on one about Apple’s Bluetooth
You might say Molly was on one about the climate crisis, so for her own edification and ours, she created a podcast series explaining one of the ways we can save humanity. The show is called How We Survive. If you want to get to know Molly Wood, listen to it. You get her wit, her banter her smarts her reporting prowess and as a bonus, hope.
I’ve learned over the past 18 years that you should listen to Molly. So let’s do that now. Folks, podcast hall of famer, Molly Wood!

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