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How Lithium Ion Batteries Work

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
A busy week for me socially. So weird. We have these things called “friends” who wanted to “get dinner.” Strange strange concept. Apparently you go out of your house to another place where other people are and pay someone to make you food and bring it to you while you and the “friends” sit and talk. It was all very new to us but I think we enjoyed it. I’ll report back next week since we’re trying it again on Sunday with different friends. Sort of an A/B test.
Also shout out to our friend and my co-host Sarah Lane who had surgery on Tuesday and is recovering well at home. She immediately made jokes about her horrible Halloween costume (a person recovering from surgery) so I know she’s going to be just fine. Get well fast Sarah! we miss ya.
As far as tech news goes it was a week of announcements! Apple announced new MacBook Pros with their impressive M1 chips inside. And then Google launched an impressive new flagship, the Pixel 6 at impressive prices. We also broke down why Facebook wants to change its name and it’s not as dumb as you think.
And if you happen to be listening to Molly Wood’s How We Survive podcast you won’t want to miss this week’s episode of Know A Little More. I break down what Lithium Ion Batteries are and how they work.
And don’t miss chapters 18-20 of my podcast version of The Girl at the Bottom of the Lake! Kel and Nera should Not be doing what they’re doing. Somebody call a Dimension ranger! Stat!
Thanks folks!

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Tom Merritt
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