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Go Get Yourself Some Not Cheap Facebook Glasses

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey there,
Short week this week because of the Labor Day holiday but some great tech news to look at. Daily Tech news Show dug into those Facebook Ray-Bans. It’s a really compelling product that might surprise you. Though it’s still for early adopters and way too expensive.
We also got the first round in the Epic v. Apple court case done. Apple mostly won but the thing it lost was a big one, in-app payment restrictions. However this will be appealed and won’t end for years so no big changes coming anytime soon.
And if you like my writing, I have a few rough draft chapters of a novel called “Captain Min” about a ship making second contact with a somewhat reluctant civilization.
And I was asked to be a guest on the wonderful Reading Envy podcast. That will come out later this month so keep an eye out for it!
Thanks everybody. Have a great weekend!

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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt @acedtect

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