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Get Project Vera Now on Audible! - Issue #11

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
It’s Out!
I’m so excited to finally have Project Vera out in the world. So head to Audible to get it or visit
Vera just wants to get along in new York. She really wants to learn more about jazz. But she’s not going to have time. Because the Barnitukku, a secret nation that claims to direct the course of world events, needs her. Why? Because her brother may destroy the world. They’ve done the calculations. Can she help them? Should she help them? Is her brother in real danger?
These are the confidential files of Agent Lee al-Mattar. Yeah, that Lee al-Mattar. The one that finally found Jimmy Hoffa. They are top secret. So if you don’t have clearance, you probably shouldn’t be listening….
I got the fine folks at Serving Worlds to produce it and I am so happy with it. You’re going to love the performances from Joanna Gaskell, Karim Kronfli, Dave Robison and John M. At least hear the sample audio just to get the flavor.

Huge thanks to Scott Johnson for the art!
OK. There were a few other awesome things this week too. I sat down with author (fellow author!) Brian McClellan to talk about writing and podcasting! His show, Page Break, is a great series with some excellent guests.
I also was invited back on Charlotte Henry’s Media Plus to join her and Jeff Gamet to talk about the return of Ted lasso!
and we hat the excellent Andrew Heaton on Sword and Laser to wrap up Consider Phlebas.
So all in all it’s been an enjoyable week! My thumb is even in good shape. So respond to me by email here and let me kknow what you think of Project Vera!
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Tom Merritt
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