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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
Right now while I’m writing this, I’m also reviewing the recording of an audiobook of Project VERA. It’s a novel I wrote about an ancient hidden kingdom that secretl;y runs the world. A New York analyst is one of the only people they can’t seem to properly predict so they try to get her to help them. And thanks to the folks at Serving Worlds, I’m turning it into an audio book. Want a first listen to chapter one?
Then sign up for my writing patreon at any level. You’ll get that plus all the posts previously among which are the complete text of Project VERA and other writings.
OK, so I need to get back to listening to this but I’m super excited for you to hear it too. So if you decide not to join the Patreon, keep an eye out here for when the audio book is out!
Oh and before I go, I want to call special attention to Tuesday’s episode of DTNS. Author and Adobe tech guy Christian Cantrell joins to talk about what NFTs could properly be used for besides collectibles. Christian thinks it could be a much better replacement for DRM. It’s a great conversation!

What Happens After You Brag About NFTs - DTNS 4052
Man, getting back to work is busy! Gotta go finish this review so I can get this audio book out to you. Thanks for being with me!
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Tom Merritt
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