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Get a free copy of Tom Merritt's Project VERA - Issue #12

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
I’ve had such a great response to the launch of the Project VERA audiobook and I really appreciate those of you who spread the word or even bough the thing!
If you did get the book can I ask one last minor favor? Leave a review! Reviews help other folks decide if they want to take a flyer on a book and can help move it up in the recommendation algorithm. Usually Audible prompts you to leave a review when you finish listening. It’s SUPER helpful if you do that.
Oh and I have a few free copies to give away as well! So if you want a free copy of the Project VERA audiobook respond to this newsletter and tell me if you use the US or UK version of Audible. I’ll draw two of each to send free codes too. If you don’t use either of those markets, hang in there, I hope to get codes for other markets soon.
Also this week’s DTNS episodes were pretty serious. we had Facebook banning researchers for studying their advertising and Apple adding surveillance to phones in order to combat child abuse. Weighty stuff indeed.
And if you were looking for the episode explaining how logistics affects the chip shortage, that came out Saturday as well!

DTNS SPECIAL - Chip Shortage: The Logistics Issues
End to End Encrypted-ish - DTNS 4089
We're Not as Extreme as We Think - DTNS 4088
Alibaba and the 40 Feeds - DTNS 4087
Right to Repair Zero Day? - DTNS 4086
Relax it's Google Tensor - DTNS 4085
Cordkillers 370 – Vampire on a Plane (w/ Chris Mancini)
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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt @acedtect

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