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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Happy weekend everybody!
It’s the Independence Day holiday weekend in the US. So no DTNS show on Monday and pork burgers in my future.
However I’m very excited to get the audiobook for Project Vera out this month. So if you missed it last week, here’s the writer’s Patreon where you can get the first chapter of the audio book!
I’m also excited because this week’s It’s A Thing featured some of my childhood favorites from St. Louis!

A Tour of St. Louis Cuisine - It's a Thing 169
And speaking of Molly Wood, every time I speak about the DMCA it makes me think about Molly Wood. And if you want to know what the DMCA is and why it affects almost everything you do online, check out the latest Know A Little More.
About the DMCA
Oh and Roger and I did another episode of East Meets West. episode 404! It’s found!
All right. Off to hang out with my nieces! June says hi.
Degrees of Better Audio - DTNS 4061
Apple Makes Google's Cloud Rain - DTNS 4062
Google and Microsoft Take Off the Gloves - DTNS 4063
Tech, Taxes, & Typos - DTNS 4064
Cordkillers 366 – Just Cancel Gravity, I Don’t See What’s The Big Deal (w/ Iyaz Akhtar)
#414 - The Age of Aquarium Shoes
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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt @acedtect

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