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A Word with Tom Merritt

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
Remember a couple weeks back when I mentioned I was launching a talk show. Well it launched!
It’s called “ A Word with Tom Merritt.” I had the crazy idea of doing a talk show where I talked to smart, interesting folks about how they think about things. So instead of researching a topic, or interviewing an expert about their expertise, I’m talking to folks about how they form their opinions. How they sift through all the ridiculous amounts of information we have access to.
First up is Andrew Heaton from the Political Orphanage. for each episode I’m using a word to get the conversation started and the word on this episode is tribalism. Heaton is working on a book about tribalism so he has lots of thoughts and even some resources, but we talk quite a bit about how we form our opinions about it. It’s a great talk and I hope you enjoy it.
Next week is Professor Dave Brodbeck talking about Free Will. After that is Annalee Newitz talking about Categories. And then Lamarr Wilson with the word Creator (the kind who makes content not makes the universe).
I would be SO honored if you took a listen and let me know what you think. And I’d be over the moon if you passed along the word to a friend who you think might also like it.
Thank you!
The easy way to get to the show is

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Tom Merritt
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