This Week in Tom Merritt

By Tom Merritt

Wondering what Tom Merritt is up to? Podcasts! Books! Tacos! He'll tell you.

Wondering what Tom Merritt is up to? Podcasts! Books! Tacos! He'll tell you.

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Tom Merritt loves his podcasting family - Issue #50

I love my podcasting family. This week I was on the call for DTNS-- I can't remember if it was live or not-- but Justin was there. I got an email from our good friend Brian Brushwood that had the subject line "159 Krakens left." For some reason it caught my f…


Tom Merritt Has a New Newsletter

Hope you enjoyed that. I know I did.This week's newsletter is a collection of things. Starting with the music of course. Many of you have kindly asked how Rey the dog is doing. She's doing GREAT. Back to her old self and hungry as heck. Thanks for all the wel…


Tom Merritt Sings About Urology - Issue #48

Hey folks,I'm old. Those of you older than me will scoff and that's fine. You earned it.But I went to the doctor for my regular checkup and she said, "You're test results are great! Everything looks awesome." And I thought, "Excellent. I'm out of here. See yo…


Why Tom Merritt flew in and out of Vegas in One Day

Hey folks,This past Wednesday I took the day off of DTNS and flew to Las Vegas for The Morning Stream meetup. To be clear, I flew out of LAX at 7 AM and flew back to LAX at 6PM. All in one day.Which means I missed the Tuesday evening get together and the actu…


Tom Merritt Has Had a Week - Issue #46

Hi,Do you mind if I whine just a little? Because this was a week.Last weekend was awesome. My wife and I went to see BTS in Las Vegas and had a blast. Even got to have brunch with Mitzula. Then we got home. Some of you may have heard me talk about this here a…


Tom Loves His Team - Issue #45

Hey folks,I am so proud of the team we've built at DTNS. Some people told me when I began adding folks to go find the biggest stars and hire them. That's what a lot of organization do. That may lead to an all-star team but all-star teams don't always gel asa …


Tom Merritt is Glad He Met You - Issue #44

The newsletter is late this week because I was hanging out with a bunch of y'all.This weekend Brian Brushwood held 'Founders Day' for the folks in his community who supported him in buying a property and building a studio. There were live podcasts, music, mag…


Tom Gets Fast & Furious-- It's All About Family

Hey folks,I'm going to get a little more personal than usual this week. I was out for two this week for a funeral. "Out" when you work for yourself is a relative term. I paid some invoices, answered some customer support emails and even contributed a tiny bit…


Introducing Podcast Hall of Famer, Molly Wood- Issue #42

The newsletter is going out a little later this week because I didn't want a spoiler. By the time you read this I will have introduced my good friend Molly Wood at her induction into the Podcast Hall of Fame. They streamed on YouTube so you should be able to …


Ukraine and the Crimean Problem - Issue #41

Hey folks,Thanks for all the great feedback last week! Turns out you like my musing! So we'll keep the musings coming.In fact this week it's classic musing. At Justin Robert Young's suggestion, I am sharing with you a paper I wrote in 1992 about the Crimean p…


What Do You Want To Hear from Tom Merritt?

Hey folks,I'm at a bit of a crossroads with this newsletter and I'd like your thoughts. It's not a bad crossroads just few paths I could walk down, all of them interesting, but I should probably choose one.This newsletter used to be just links. Then it includ…


An Important Thing to Know About Critics! - Issue #39

Hey folks,This week I was watching Raised By Wolves for Cordkillers and I realized something. I would enjoy it more if I didn't have to watch it.You see the episode wasn't that great. But I realized that the part of my reaction had to do with the fact that I …


War is not good for anyone

Hi folks,It may sound naive but war is never the answer. And I don't just mean for the losing side. No side in a war comes out of a war better than they day it started. Now it is arguable that after a war, society may bounce back stronger. It may be that the …


Why Tom Merritt went viral with KPop Fans

Hey folks,If you listen to Great Night with Brian and Justin you may have heard a version of this story. I had a few tweets blow up in a few corners of K-Pop and K-drama fandom.While I may not talk about it all the time I'm a fan. I've watched tons of K-drama…


Tom Merritt Wants to Start a New Podcast

I want to start a new podcast.What? What's that everyone is saying? "NO TOM! YOU DO TOO MANY ALREADY!"I know.And maybe I should do something about that. But which one should I stop huh? Answer me that!In the meantime I'm definitely going to start this new one…


Why Tom Merritt loves the Olympics

Hey folks,I really like the Olympics. I know there are reasons I shouldn't. It's all about money. It's all about nationalism. It panders to dictators. It panders to capitalists. It's all about advertising. They're copyright abusers who are overly legalistic. …


Daily Tech News Show Getting even better! - Issue #34

Hey folks,We just finished a really fun week for Daily Tech News Show. It was free preview week! Everybody on the main public feed got all the Patreon exclusives we usually give folks. And everybody at all Patreon levels got all the patreon-level-exclusives a…


What Microsoft getting ActiBlizz Really Means - Tom's Take

Hey folks,I'm really fascinated with this Microsoft acuisition and the reaction to it. A lot of inches have been devoted to discussing its effect on Activcision Blizzard's sexual harassment problem but honestly, while that is important, I feel like it's fairl…


Making DTNS Even Better

Hey folks,Good to be chatting with you again. Quite a week for me both personally and professionally. On the personal/homeowner side we finished a big redo of the front yard. We tore out the grass, put in drip irrigation and added in a bunch of native desert …


Is CES still worth it?

Hey folks,So CES 2022 happened. We almost covered it in person. Not me but DTNS producer Amos and DTNS co-host Rich Stroffolino. we had a space reserved for them in the Central Hall to set up shop and get folks covering the show to come by and be on DTNS. I w…