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The shadow self, human nature, the last week...

The shadow self, human nature, the last week...
By Tom Littler • Issue #48 • View online
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This week I read Robert Greene’s ‘The Laws of Human Nature’. It’s a giant text, that tries to summarise why people behave the way they do, taking countless case studies from famous historical figures, and theories to explain their actions from Jung to Freud and more.
One of the most interesting chapters of the book is titled ‘Confront Your Dark Side’ in this chapter Greene explains how the mysterious, hidden dark side present in everyone’s makeup, greatly influences, how we think and feel.
Greene argues that only by seeing, embracing, exploring and showing this shadow side of our personalities, can we become fully integrated, healthy humans.
After reading this chapter, I decided to take some time to explore Greenes’ ideas, seeing my own shadow. If you’re interested in the idea of the shadow self, check out my latest article, where I summarise Greene’s ideas, and show you a process you can follow to confront your own shadow.
“People are rarely who they seem to be. Lurking beneath their polite, affable exterior is inevitably a dark, shadow side consisting of the insecurities and the aggressive, selfish impulses they repress and carefully conceal from public view. This dark side leaks out in behaviour that will baffle and harm you. Learn to recognise the signs of a shadow before they become toxic.”
What I'm Reading
I do love Robert Greene’s writing. His ability to distil knowledge into its simplest essence, while telling a great story through compelling examples is unrivalled.
His first major success ‘Power’ was basically a slightly more fleshed-out, 21st-century version of ‘The Prince’. It was an amoral look into power structures, and what causes them.
‘The Laws of Human Nature’ takes insights from all areas of psychology, from Freud to Jung to Frankl, and offers them to the masses in a very easy to read, and practical way.
My only problem with this book is I don’t know how to read it. If you tried to apply even 5% of the lessons in here, you’d soon become overwhelmed. Now I’ve read it through once, I’ll probably deep dive into various chapters (like I did with ‘Confront Your Dark Side’) over the next few months.
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