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Smartphones lower IQ, Stop using Deiveroo, Priorities.

Smartphones lower IQ, Stop using Deiveroo, Priorities.
By Tom Littler - Notion & myKanban • Issue #33 • View online
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Smartphones on the Brain
This week I published an article summarising 4 research studies looking into the effect of smartphones on the brain.
I find how technology can affect our biology such a fascinating topic, and as you dig deeper into the research there’s no end of interesting, unexpected outcomes.
For example:
  • One study found that even the presence of a smartphone on your desk actually caused working memory capacity and fluid intelligence to be reduced. You read that right. If you want to do your best work, put that smartphone in another room!
  • Another study showed that frequent phone us was related to a decrease in our ability to delay gratification. Something that is vital if we want to achieve big things.
  • One study also quantified how smartphone use affects anxiety. I also notice I get anxious when I’ve been glued to my phone all day, it’s interesting to see this direct experience backed by science.
In the article, I also explore various ways we can use this information to better manage our relationships with smartphones. As we spend increasing amounts of time on these devices I think it’s really critical we understand how they affect us.
Food Delivery
If you’re living in a country enforcing lockdown rules at the moment you are probably finding yourself ordering a lot more from delivery apps such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats.
These apps tout themselves as being a lifeline for the hospitality industry, providing them with the revenue they need to stay open.
In this incredible article, Dan Peran lays out the cold hard facts and shows that delivery services cut the margins of restaurants to such an extent that it is impossible for them to make a profit.
He shows through maths that as soon as a restaurant is taking 50% or more of their orders via food delivery apps, the number just don’t add up, meaning the restaurants can never become profitable.
The key practical takeaway from this post is to avoid delivery apps where you can. If possible order your food directly from the restaurant itself.
Why is it we can never appreciate what we have? Why is it that it takes losing an important element of our lives to realise how much it meant to us? This week I’ve been reflecting a lot on priorities. I realised I’ve had mine in a messed up order for a while now, putting work over everything else.
Fundamentally, incorrect prioritise come from a lack of self-awareness. A lack of clarity about what brings joy and meaning to our lives. Take some time today to question your priorities.
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Notion Weight Loss Tracker (With Template)
Notion Weight Loss Tracker (With Template)
What I'm Reading
“Governments will ultimately have little choice but to treat populations in territories they serve more like customers, and less in the easy that organized criminals treat the victims of a shakedown racket.”
An insightful and cutting dissection of the role that governments may play in the future. In an ever more connected, technology-enabled economy, what role, if any, will national governments play in enforcing order and rules upon our lives?
A particularly relevant read right now, would highly recommend.
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