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Ego Development, Focus, First Principles of Power.

Ego Development, Focus, First Principles of Power.
By Tom Littler • Issue #38 • View online
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Ego Development
I love mental models for human development. This week I’ve been brushing up on Susan Cook-Greuter’s theory of the ‘Nine Stages of Ego Development.
At it’s core, Ego Development Theory takes a research-led approach to model how humans grow and advance through life. The first adult stage of this development is 'Conformist’. It’s here we learn the importance of rules, morals, and other things that make society function as it does.
Each stage has it’s downsides, the downside of the conformist stage is a preference for very black and white thinking, which can result in anger when others don’t conform to your world views and beliefs.
As the conformist stage realises its limitations its moves into the expert stage, and maybe through to the higher stages of achiever, and pluralist. Each stage has its quirks, but generally the higher up the stages you go the less damaging your belief system is.
What To Focus On
Balancing a lot of plates is hard. Recently, I’ve been getting a bit overwhelmed with the number of projects I have on the go.
James Clear has a great article on how to figure out what to focus on, when to stick and when to twist. It’s been helping me make sense of where I should be focusing my efforts. If you are in a similar position, I’d recommend checking it out!
It is through this sheer number of repetitions that you’ll come to understand the fundamentals of your task. You might know what greatness looks like before this point, but you won’t understand how to achieve greatness until you’ve put the work in yourself.
This Week on Youtube
Calculate Your Personal Net Worth in Notion
Calculate Your Personal Net Worth in Notion
What I'm Reading
A lot of people don’t read the source material. I’ve met a tonne of economists, who while staying up to date on all the latest publications, have never read Adam Smith. Likewise, scientists or those interested in anthropology who’ve never read The Origin of Species.
There are have been so many books written on power, status and politics in the last 20 years, but Machiavelli’s genius text is the reference material upon which they are all based.
This short book is one of those that I re-read at least once a year.
Politics have no relation to morals.
We’ve had a really busy week with myKanban. Yesterday we filmed our launch video for the Kickstarter page. We are hoping to get this out next month!
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