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Don't start a startup, thinkboi's, late bloomers.

Don't start a startup, thinkboi's, late bloomers.
By Tom Littler • Issue #58 • View online
Welcome to all the newcomers, we’re now 5889 strong!

This week, I took the counterargument to my usual web3 bullish self and served up a list of all the reasons you shouldn’t start a company in crypto.
Sure the space is exciting, but it’s also full of criminals, stressful as shit and severely lacking in feminine energy.
Perhaps it’s what you’d expect. What would a person with feminine energy want with crypto right now? The relationships are often anonymous — communication is nearly always done via instant messaging rather than face to face. There is little to no compassion, and while some companies are solving huge issues that will have far-reaching consequences for the good of the planet, they are still utterly dependent on maintaining a strong financial position by appealing to investors base needs of making money.
You only need to look at the user experience / interface of the majority of dapps to understand the feminine has never touched it. Most projects have a very sterile, futuristic feel (Lithium is no exception). Utility first, human-centred design second.
It’s hard for me to explain why the feminine energy is so needed in crypto right now, it’s more a way I feel after months of dealing with people on Web3, than it is something I could point to. I’m certain if I feel it, others do too. I think it’s a kind of frenetic energy, a single minded-bullishness towards ‘making it’ without a sense check of the humanity behind what we are doing. What problems are we trying to solve for real people? How will people engage with this product? What is the ultimate purpose of what we are trying to do here, beyond creating wealth? These are the sorts of questions the feminine brings. These are the sorts of questions web3 currently needs.
What I'm Reading
When people think of innovative technologies, computers, iPhones, maybe the printing press may come to mind. This book outlies probably one of the most revolutionary ideas of all time – the company.
Before limited companies were invented, it was practically impossible for anyone to take real risks. Businessmen who would send ships out to sea on trade missions would have to burden the risk of ships not returning. They would have to fully compensate investors and families of those who lost loved ones.
The fact that you could lose far more than you put into an investment pretty much ruled out investing for most people, it wasn’t until the limited company was formed, that real risk-taking and innovation could happen.
I love reading these kinds of stories as a limited company is just basic shit that we take for granted, but at some point someone had to dream up a completely new way of doing business. It makes you wonder what kind of crazy innovations that we don’t have today, will seem completely boring in 50 years.
Tweet of the Week
Jake | Lithium Ventures
Never have I ever seen a more accurate description of our resident ‘thinkboi’ @tc_littler
Call of the Week
We were the first money in at Buffer. Sometimes it takes a while for a project to really boot off. 💎🙌 always. Probably still a good entry tbh, I reckon this can hit $5 with no issues.
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