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Blockchain will be bigger than the internet

Blockchain will be bigger than the internet
By Tom Littler • Issue #55 • View online

Blockchain and governance
It’s my opinion that the consequences of blockchain technology will be more disruptive than those brought about by the internet.
I believe one of the innovations to come out of an immutable, decentralised system is DAO’s (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations)
In this article I break down what a DAO is, and the consequences they could have.
What is a DAO
The key premise of a DAO is that there is no central authority making decisions. There is no middle man. Decisions on how the DAO is run are made via the blockchain from nodes that make up the DAO. Remember, a blockchain is just a way to maintain integrity in a decentralised system. 
DAO’s have become a popular way of running DAPPs (Decentralised Apps) on the Ethereum network and other blockchain protocols. One easy to understand use case is regarding venture capital. Rather than having investors pick projects in a venture fund, DAOs allow the investors in the fund to vote. Theoretically, this means you avoid human error, manipulation and bureaucracy. There’s no place for administrators in a DAO. Every decision and vote lives immutably on the blockchain, while individuals behind these votes have their identity protected. 
What I'm Reading
Another sci-fi this week. It’s a cool book, I guess. Considering this was written in the early 90’s the concepts of the metaverse and micro-states seem particularly perceptive.
Probably my last sci-fi read for while. To be honest, if I want to read about the future I find it more interesting to do so from a place a bit more grounded in reality.
Tweet of the Week
  • Our final production of myKanban boards and trays have been manufactured. We are currently engraving the boards and are excited to be able to show you the finished pictures once these are complete.
  • We made a few tweaks to our final leather cases colour to get them just right for you. Final production is already underway.
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