An open letter on buying a home





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An open letter on buying a home
By Tom Littler • Issue #54 • View online
Something none crypto! Although if you thought you were getting something useful this week I’m sorry to disappoint, I’ve basically written a letter to myself, instructing myself on what my priorities are for buying my first home.
I honestly, can’t believe over 5000 people read this shit…

Home Priorities
It’s no secret I hate admin tasks, and what is more adminy than looking at properties, weighing up pros and cons, dealing with estate agents, urgh.
In an attempt to save myself time in the long run, I’ve put together a list of values when it comes to buying a home. Perhaps you’ll find some use in it, who knows…
My strategy is to probably live in this place for 6-9 months of the year. The rest of the time I’ll use the glorious rental legal (and potentially tax) loophole of short term lets. I’ve done my DD and for my budget can expect to net £2k+/month (after management fees) putting my place on platforms such as Airbnb. This would more than cover the mortgage and give me some walking around money in Seville, Bali, Krakow, or perhaps some quaint town in Yorkshire. 
Spending a bit extra on plush furnishing, some art, basically anything gramable should help secure the bag. 
Extend I’m willing to sacrifice 6/10
What I'm Reading
If you want to be a true crypto bro, you need to read science fiction.
I’m really enjoying the genre, having paid pretty much 0 attention to its existence for the first 27 years of my life, bar perhaps some O.G shit.
This book is a cracker, the perfect balance of a great story, thoughtful philosophy and interesting characters.
Tweet of the Week
Tom Littler
Just walked past this ad.

If tiktok are willing to spend millions on an advertising campaign, because the human desire to brag about being ahead of the heard is so strong. What insane value do you think immutable proof of early adoption plus financial upside of NFTs bring?
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Tom Littler

Tech, life, entrepeneurship

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