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A perfect approach to fitness, desire, optimism.

A perfect approach to fitness, desire, optimism.
By Tom Littler • Issue #51 • View online
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A Holistic Approach To Fitness
When thinking about constructing a fitness plan, it can be tempting to structure it around the single goal of improving your physical health, or even worse, how physically healthy you look (not the same). 
This was my mistake for many years. My only exercise was going to the gym and weightlifting, and while this routine did give me other benefits besides an improvement in my physical health, these benefits were by-products rather than desired goals of my programme. 
Over the last few months, I’ve adopted an exercise programme that focuses on a more holistic view of the benefits exercise can bring. In this article, I share the goals I set in constructing a holistic fitness programme, and what my weekly schedule looks like.
The aim isn’t to give you a prescriptive exercise regime, but more open your eyes to the potential benefits of exercise you might be missing, if you are only focusing on improving your physical health .
I do hot yoga (yes so boojie) ¾ times a week. Usually, I am for mornings, it’s a great way to start the day. I’ve dabbled with yoga for the last few years, but have made a real commitment to it in recent months.
Improved physical health (8/10)
I’ve only started seeing the real benefits of yoga after committing to practice it every other day, and man the health benefits are huge. I feel lithe, flexible and just all-around so much healthier. I can bend over to pick things up without my back straining, I can sit for hours without any pain, I can move my body in ways that would have before been impossible. 
Improved mental health (6/10)
Immediately after a yoga session, you feel a real sense of calmness and clarity, incomparable to weightlifting in my experience. You also get the chance to meditate for 10 minutes at the end, and if combined with a cold shower you leave the session feeling a hundred bucks. 
This state can carry through a lot of the day, if you are mindful to conduce it.
What I'm Reading
Humans are probably the only animal that can be motivated to take actions that aren’t dictated by a current physical need or an instinctual reaction.
Desires shape everything we do. From the career we choose, to the values we adopt, to the relationships we engage in. Yet we never really contemplate where these desires come from, indeed many of the strongest desires are completely out of our control – they arise emotionally and our brains find a way to achieve them.
In this short book Irvine takes a look into human psychology to explain why we desire, what a healthy relationship with desire looks like, and lessons we can take from the stoics, the eccentrics, religion and more on how to best live with our desires.
“Suppose you woke up one morning to discover that you were the last person on earth. In the situation described, you could satisfy many material desires that you can’t satisfy in our actual world. You could have the car of your dreams. You could even have a showroom full of expensive cars. You could have the house of your dreams - or live in a palace. You could wear very expensive clothes. You could acquire not just a big diamond ring but the Hope Diamond itself. The interesting question is this: without people around, would you still want these things?”
Tweet of the Week
Tom Littler
Pessimists get to be right.

Optimists get to be rich.
In hindsight I should of also added happy to this. Far more important and loads of research to support optimists are generally much more content than pessimists.
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