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Life Designed: Two Horizons, Habits & Fancy Tools

Happy Labour Day! 🛠 One’s horizon is always different. There are two horizons, actually. First is the
Life Designed: Two Horizons, Habits & Fancy Tools
By Tomas Laurinavicius • Issue #25 • View online
Happy Labour Day! 🛠
One’s horizon is always different. There are two horizons, actually. First is the visual horizon that limits your vision. When you look at the sea and see a beautiful straight line or look anywhere around you and can’t see past the obstacles, that’s the first horizon. It might be miles and it might be inches if your horizon is the wall next to you.
The second horizon is your mindset dealing with the unknown. How you deal with uncertainty and how you manage the fear of not knowing what’s next. That could turn into two things mainly: inspiration and depression. Not knowing what’s behind your visible horizon has sparked ideas and creativity throughout the years, whether it’s hundreds of years ago or a minute ago.
People left their home and sailed away to the end of the world expecting to find something exciting.
Now, how do you treat your two horizons?
Do you move closer to get a better spot so you can see miles away or you let something or someone to stand in your way and obstruct your view?
What about the second horizon, the one that starts when the first one ends? Does it scare or excite you?
“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality,” once wrote Seneca. Most of our worries never happen.
Be courageous and leave the safe port. Only the unexpected storm can prepare you to become a better sailor, or writer, or parent, or entrepreneur, or painter, or anything else you want to become.
Welcome to another edition of Life Designed where I share the knowledge and resources to help you live better.

Here’s my interview with Liam Martin where he shares his habits and routines that help him stay motivated, focused and energized while traveling the world.
Being comfortable asking uncomfortable questions is usually the fastest way to move forward in all aspects of your life. If you’re looking at your life right now, measure where you’re apprehensive and create some kind of forcing function that will force you to confront that uncomfortable situation head-on.
I’ve lost hundreds of hours researching the best solution for email marketing, CRM, hosting, habit tracker and what not. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you don’t do the important stuff. An observant reminder to get back to work.
It’s easier to set up a fancy writing app on your Mac than to actually write the screenplay you’ve been dreaming of. It’s easier to buy Japanese notepads and Italian pens than to actually start sketching the app you want to build. And unlike checking Facebook — which everyone knows isn’t productive — messing with fancy tools feels like work. But it’s not.
When it comes to email list building, Bryan Harris is the number one person that pops to my mind. He’s extremely specific and always has an unconventional idea to help you out. Now, this guide is massive, but if you follow and apply just one thing, I’m sure you’ll grow your email list faster than before.
Fortunately, the Miyagi exercises I’m about to show you only take about 5 minutes to implement instead of half a movie.
Exercise is one of the most important habits that pay me dividends for years. As I mentioned earlier, I use Fitbod app for my workouts but this 5×5 program looks legit (if you stick with it).
This program looks easy, but isn’t. You’re adding weight every workout. This triggers your body to gain strength and muscle to lift heavier the next workout. It’s the most effective way to train but it’s hard work. Some people don’t have the mental fortitude for it. If you do, you’ll gain.
Selling your soul to corporations is the new normal. If you preach too much about taking care of yourself and your environment you risk being ridiculed and called a fanatic. Ethical is a not-for-profit project building a free and open platform for discovering ethical alternatives to stuff.
We know that “ethical” isn’t an objective word — it can mean different things to different people. But for us, ethical means moving in the direction of least possible harm against other people, animals and the planet.
I’m pretty sure this happened to all of us. You need to give a presentation and you’re completely unprepared. Prepare to laugh.
You play a video that takes up 95% of your time.
You draw each slide in real time on the white board, spending lots of time picking the right color markers.
The handouts are still warm from the copy machine.
You start by saying you want to keep this “very high level” which means you didn’t actually prepare anything.
Your co-presenter’s name is Lorem Ipsum.
While I was actively traveling, finding a good place to get work done was quite of a challenge. With NomadSpace you can explore over 500 community-reviewed workspaces in 200 cities, across 60 countries.
This app just launched but looks promising. It’s a project management platform for solo-founders, indiehackers and digital nomads.
Making money as a freelancer isn’t easy. If you’re not chasing clients all the time and building a system to get you leads, at some point you’ll face financial problems. One of the best ways to get clients is cold email. But it’s an art and science in itself. Here’s an in-depth guide to help you out.
The cold email is an opportunity to make a connection and position yourself as a solution to your prospects’ problems. If you offer them something that directly addresses their pain points — without asking them to swipe their credit card — you stand a better chance at getting a reply.
The Motorcycle Diaries
Photo by Rasmus Kaessmann.
Photo by Rasmus Kaessmann.
Food for Thought
“On a motorcycle, you can’t really think about more than where you are. There’s a freedom that comes with that - from stress, worry, sweating the small stuff.” – Laurence Fishburne
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”  – George Carlin
“Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake & help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for.” – Mandy Hale
“Respect other people’s feelings. It might mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them.” – Roy T. Bennett
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