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Life Designed: Starbucks, Digital Immigrants & Trains

Busy week with client work but I'm happy to be moving forward. It's crazy how one's productivity can
Life Designed: Starbucks, Digital Immigrants & Trains
By Tomas Laurinavicius • Issue #40 • View online
Busy week with client work but I’m happy to be moving forward. It’s crazy how one’s productivity can change just by changing the environment.
I’ve been working from home lately and decided to change things up and get a coworking membership. It’s incredible how surrounding yourself with working people affects your productivity levels. It’s just 5 min away from home so no time wasted!
Hope you’re having a productive week, if not, try to work from another place (cafe, hotel, coworking space, park, library).
Welcome to another edition of Life Designed where I share the knowledge and resources to help you live better.

Two things here. One, it’s beautifully designed. Two, it’s a simple yet essential guide to living a happy life. No rush, no stress, just being.
We see home as the counterpoint to a busy world. It should feel like your sanctuary. By investing a little energy before you leave in the morning, you can make coming back to it feel even better.
I quit most of the social media last November. I felt like it was taking way more than giving and this insightful piece explains exactly how I felt.
When you take a puff of a cigarette or get a ‘like’ on your social media; you get an instant hit of dopamine. It’s that feel good feeling- and it makes you want more. Young people love this buzz of ‘positive’ energy and can’t get enough of it. One cigarette every few hours becomes one every few minutes; and one post every few days becomes one post every hour. You become dependent. You become addicted.
JP Koning dissects how Starbucks is getting a loan with -10% interest rate! A captivating look at what’s possible when your business becomes an entire market of its own.
Starbucks has around $1.6 billion in stored value card liabilities outstanding. This represents the sum of all physical gift cards held in customer’s wallets as well as the digital value of electronic balances held in the Starbucks Mobile App.* It amounts to ~6% of all of the company’s liabilities.
Writing is really, thinking clearly. The hard part about it is to get started. WriteMapper is a writing tool for anyone with a writing deadline, using mind maps.
No need to reinvent the wheel. SaaS Blocks directory features over 160 building blocks to take your SaaS application to the next level.
Tim Urban of Wait But Why is back with an intro and chapter 1 of his new series trying to tell the big story of humanity.
Sometimes, certain topics become hard to talk about because our conversations get stuck in a rut. We hear the same arguments, using the same wording, again and again, until we become numb to them. When the words we use become too loaded with historical baggage, they stop being useful for communication.
Life before and after the internet is indeed different. I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter if it wasn’t for the internet. A relatively new technology that’s reshaping humanity and raising unimagined perils (talking about addiction, anxiety and fear).
Another name for us, coined by the Vancouver writer Michael Harris in his book The End of Absence, is “digital immigrants,” which he defines as those who have lived both “with and without the crowded connectivity of online life.”
Director of Acquisition at HubSpot, Matthew Howells-Barby offers lengthy and insightful advice on career advancement.
At one time I believe I was responsible for working on the marketing strategies, in particular, the SEO strategies of 30 different clients. It’s fair to say that I wore a lot of hats, and every new client presented a whole different challenge. They presented challenges that I’d never faced before and I failed a lot – and I mean a LOT. But every failure was a new lesson learned, and with that came more knowledge.
German Rail Epic Campaign
An epic campaign by German Rail, with Ogilvy Germany and Getty Images.
An epic campaign by German Rail, with Ogilvy Germany and Getty Images.
Food for Thought
Miles Kington, a British journalist, reportedly said that “knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”
“A leader’s job is to provide clear direction and then get out of the way.” – Paul Jarvis
“Start where you need to. Even one minute without playing the blame game is progress in the art of living.” – Ryan Holiday
“I realize now that one cannot understand Mark—or anyone—without understanding his exemplars, his mentors, his heroes.” – Stephen Cope
“When the urgency of now goes away, so does the anxiety.” – Jason Fried
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