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Life Designed: Investment Opportunity, Kindle & Cash Flow

For the last couple of weeks, I keep getting emails from people interested in the site investment opp
Life Designed: Investment Opportunity, Kindle & Cash Flow
By Tomas Laurinavicius • Issue #42 • View online
For the last couple of weeks, I keep getting emails from people interested in the site investment opportunity I shared earlier.
The latest news, my ideas are still in the development phase and I’m leaning more towards targeting Spanish speaking audiences.
The good news, my friends Justas and Yuri, have an interesting investment opportunity. They have a solid plan, revenue-generating project and a strong team with a great track record (I previously co-founded a content marketing agency with Justas and sold Despreneur for five-figures with Yuri).
If you’re curious, here’s the investment opportunity.
Welcome to another edition of Life Designed where I share the knowledge and resources to help you live better.

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An interesting take on mental models to help you make better decisions in a complex world.
Most people define professions by what those professions do. Engineers build things. Economists study money. Psychologists look into people’s minds.
Talking about mental models, it’s becoming a trend, especially among entrepreneurs. Read this piece by Julian Shapiro, one of my favorite writers.
Mental models do two things: they help you assess how systems work and they help you make better decisions. These two concepts underlie everything you do.
For example, how does a rocket engine work? And which type of rocket fuel should you use?
The rocket engine is a system for you to assess. It has many parts that depend on each other, and you want to understand how. As for which type of fuel to use, that’s a decision you make.
Starting early and sticking to your thing is underrated. Here’s why.
More than 2,000 books are dedicated to how Warren Buffett built his fortune. Many of them are wonderful. But few pay enough attention to the simplest fact: Buffett’s fortune isn’t due to just being a good investor, but being a good investor since he was literally a child.
$80.7 billion of Warren Buffett’s $81 billion net worth was accumulated after his 50th birthday. Seventy-eight billion of the $81 billion came after he qualified for Social Security, in his mid-60s.
There’s a lot you must ignore in the SEO space if you want to get (right) organic traffic. ClickMinded is one of the sources I trust and recommend.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is, very simply, all the stuff we do to drive traffic from search engines to our digital assets. In most cases, this just means your website, but it could also be a social media account, a product listing on an eCommerce site, or a mobile app. There are going to be people out there trying to convince you that it’s this incredibly difficult process that takes decades of experience and unknowable amounts of talent and innate skill.
Take a look inside how Betterment’s behavioral scientist, Dan Egan, manages his monthly cash flow.
Another superpower is avoiding a taste for expensive things: clothes, TV, shoes, food. I’m not a monk, but a PBR and a $2.00 slice of pizza make me pretty happy.
Reduce stress, improve sleep and increase focus. Work Responsibly is a collection of resources for a healthy and balanced approach to work.
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Photo by Viktor Szabo.
Photo by Viktor Szabo.
Food for Thought
“Science is organised knowledge. Wisdom is organised life.” – Will Duran
Life Designed reader Bruce L. (thanks Bruce!) forwarded a newsletter by David Sherry related to the quote from Darrell Vesterfelt I previously shared on this newsletter.
I think you might find it insightful. 
“Clarity is that moment where the clouds part and you simultaneously see what you missed, but also the next step to take based on this new understanding. 
Clarity is a lever.
It lifts off the weight and pulls you out of complexity and abstraction freeing you from its burdens.
Clarity both frees you from complexity and frees you to act.
It feels a lot like Motivation.”
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