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🦉 10x curiosity - My favourite reads of 2021


🦉 10x curiosity

January 8 · Issue #239 · View online

🦉 A weekly sample of links that made me think 🤔

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A selection of my favourite reads through 2021. In their own way each article made me stop and think and see the world from a slight differently point of view than before. 
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Extended extracts of each of these favourite posts over on the blog version
  1. Thriving Together: Salmon, Berries, and People | Hakai Magazine
  2. Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey? (
  3. Lazy Leadership | by Andrew Wilkinson | The Flow Blog | Medium
  4. Carbon offsetting is a shitshow. Should we do it anyway? — Nowhere & Everywhere (
  5. The world will only get weirder — Steve Coast’s Musings (
  6. Hope is Not a Strategy — Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant (
  7. Systemic Effects: the Overlooked Key to Effective Strategic Planning — Barry O’Reilly (
  8. GreenWave
  9. A 4-step guide for day-to-day product discovery | by Sophia Höfling | Medium
  10. Untangling Australia’s COVID vaccine rollout timetable — ABC News
  11. The unlikely story behind the finest herring in the world | by Maarten Dalmijn | Serious Scrum | Medium
  12. How nature and naiveté helped Paul MacCready build a human-powered airplane in only six months — Signal v. Noise (
  13. Your Product is Not Their Problem | by Steve Blank | Medium
  14. Hydrogen Is Not A Fuel, It’s A Cult (
  15. Our Impact Finance R&D program. A conceptual framework | by Griffith University Yunus Centre | Y Impact | Medium
  16. The embarrassingly easy, tax-free way for Australia to cut the cost of electric cars
  17. The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy — IEEE Spectrum
  18. Heptathlon Star Annie Kunz Says Sports Science Helped Boost Performance : Shots — Health News : NPR
  19. China is a declining power and thats the problem
  20. Emergent strategy. I’ve been reading Adrienne Maree… | by noelito | Medium
  21. The best management advice I ever received | by Elad Cohen | Management Matters | Medium
  22. Productivity: What is the GIST Framework? A roadmap? | by Lazaro Ibanez | Lazaro Ibanez
  23. Business Planning: everything we’re doing, on one page | by Paul Bowers | Medium
  24. Waffle House Index — Wikipedia
  25. Antilibraries Are the Better Libraries | by Eva Keiffenheim | Age of Awareness | Medium
  26. The Technium: 99 Additional Bits of Unsolicited Advice (
  27. McKinsey & Company: Capital’s Willing Executioners ❧ Current Affairs
  28. When a wrong answer brings out the right answer — Austin Kleon
  29. Saving the Climate in a Triple Crisis | The New Republic
  30. The DISRUPT framework — Insights — Circle Economy (
  31. Startup Playbook (
  32. From ambition to reality — weaving the threats of net zero delivery- Delivering net zero — Worley
  33. TEDW — A simple model for asking better questions. | by Curtis Stanier | Medium
  34. 50L Home
  35. Failure Theory (

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