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🦉 10x curiosity - In a Tangle - A lesson in patience.


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July 25 · Issue #218 · View online

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My brothers and I were all mad keen fisherfolk growing up with many trips to the waterways of the various locations we lived at. An enduring memory was when we all first stared learning to throw a baitcaster. Baitcaster reels are a type of reel that offers unparalleled accuracy and control of the lure or bait you are casting — for those that are skilled! Learning however can be a one way road to ‘Painsville’, as you experience for the first - of what will be many times — a phenomenon know as backlash. This occurs during a cast, when the spool spins faster than the line is traveling out, creating an almighty birdsnest tangle. Until you learn to use your thumb to control the spool speed, the threat of backlash can turn an otherwise pleasant outing into a game over, time to back up your shit and go home, event.
The dreaded birdsnest….
When you get a backlash you have two very clear choices, three if you count the option of just throwing your rod in the water and going home, actually four if you also count the option of swapping rods with your mate while his back is turned and letting them deal with it. Option three and four aside, the two main choices you face are to (1) cut the tangle out, or (2) try to untangle the line. Choice one is a brute force approach which, whilst quick and effective, can quickly leave you with no line on your reel to go fishing with (and a hefty dent in your bank balance if you are using expensive line!). 
Choice two sees you committing to the removal of the tangle through a painstaking process of gently picking and teasing the knots that have formed. You quickly learn once you commit to this road that the path back to fishing is to take a gently, gently approach. A case of going slow to go fast. Take a deep breath, focus on the knot in front of you, tease that one clear and then move onto the next one. Gentle moves are a must to avoid pulling too tight and creating even more work for yourself. 
Pull. review. pull. review. oops a bit to much back up, try again, that’s better….
Our model for this was our mother who was always available to step in and tackle the worst of the tangles. We learnt a lot watching her patiently pick apart our fishing fails. With patience and a step by step focus she was never beaten and we were soon back fishing or practicing our casting in the backyard.
It has been an enduring mental model for me that I often draw on in every day life, at work and home. When the inevitable life tangle happens, am I approaching the situation with patience and focus or am I making it much worse by trying to plow through too quickly. Will I be able to pick my way out of trouble or will the knife have to come out and cut the mess free? Quick, sure, but what mess are you left to deal with afterwards?
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