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🦉 10x curiosity

May 21 · Issue #253 · View online

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Also published in 10x Curiosity
So many of our problems can be solved by taking a different frame. Our current systems of politics, the economy and social norms have been dreamed into existence by visionaries and leaders and corporations and constructs. Just because they seem inevitable, doesn’t mean they can’t be changed, and changed quickly. Just because they might dominate the current world view doesn’t mean that it has to continue to be this way . But one person’s Nirvana might be another’s hell. It can be hard to find common ground on which we all agree. Maybe it doesn’t exist.
The pandemic highlighted many lessons and challenged assumptions held dear to many in power. A key one for me was to highlight that the money is there to make the world better. We just need to prioritise what we spend it on. Plenty of money was wasted on questionable priorities. And those priorities highlight a lot about the morals and values of a society.
We have become captives to the incumbent voices with significant skin in the game. They would loose out in a transition away from our fossil based linier consumer society. Through the discourse in politics and the media , the loudest voices, the richest voices. Many might want change, but change comes with risk. Better the devil you know… Debate is so polarised, balanced views are not clearly presented or discussed. Just stand in the corner and yell. AT EACH OTHER.
Our valued institutions of the public service and a fearless and frank media have been replaced by McKinsey and Murdoch and new feeds through online bubbles drive people down a rabbit hole of conspiracy and half truths. The basic humanity of us all, and the plight of the one and only planet we live on is lost to the focus on the quarterly return and ever more growth. Accumulation and more, more, more.
Saul Griffith highlighted in a podcast how the pubic service has been so stripped bare across many western democracies that there is a void in the creation of good public policy and analysis, a void filled by special interest groups creating the policy on behalf of the government. He highlights how it is relatively easy to become part of this space and shape the future.
Perhaps this points to a change. A way forward. But inertia is hard to fight against, especially when self interests are fighting to keep the momentum in the same direction. A systems loop that drives more dollars and power to those already with the dollars and power. A reinforcing network effect. Mates looking after mates.
It doesn’t have to be like this. Not if you want to change. Everyday the future is up for grabs, but in a fight where the concentration of wealth and power creates imbalances and a stacked board — queens against rooks. So don’t play on that board. Become the board. Switch the frame. The world is very different from 100 years ago. Unrecognizable from 500 years ago. The same is true looking forward. Whether it be a dystopian future or paradise, how can you stack the deck to impact the future course, how can you position yourself in the game to make the play when it matters, how can you get in the room where it happens. Step up. What frame do you want to see the future develop towards? Engage to create the future you want not standing in the background whilst other play the game.

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