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🦉 10x curiosity - Drucker’s contrarian view on the “No Jerks” rule


🦉 10x curiosity

July 11 · Issue #216 · View online

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Reading Drucker’s classic “ The Effective Executive” I came across this paragraph:
Effective executives know that their subordinates are paid to perform and not to please their superiors. They know that it does not matter how many tantrums a prima donna throws as long as she brings in the customers. The opera manager is paid after all for putting up with the prima donna’s tantrums if that is her way to achieve excellence in performance. It does not matter whether a first-rate teacher or a brilliant scholar is pleasant to the dean or amiable in the faculty meeting. The dean is paid for enabling the first-rate teacher or the first-rate scholar to do his work effectively — and if this involves unpleasantness in the administrative routine, it is still cheap at the price
I find this a fascinating piece of advice as it seemingly contradict modern manager wisdom — the so called “No Jerk” Rule which posits that star performers who also happen to be disruptive jerks, are not worth hiring or keeping on the team.
There are no shortage of posts and books outlining this position
and many, many more.
I am definitely in the no jerk leadership camp, but Drucker is not often wrong so this has got me thinking perhaps there is more nuance to the position than I have thought.

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