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🦉 10x curiosity - A Future Planning Exercise — The Futures Wheel


🦉 10x curiosity

August 1 · Issue #219 · View online

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Also published in 10x Curiosity
The Futures Wheel was created by Jerome Glenn in 1972 as a way for thinking about future events.
There are 5 steps for creating a Futures Wheel
  1. Identify the change you want to analyse
  2. Identify direct or first order consequences
  3. Identify indirect or second order consequences
  4. Analyse and prioritise implications
  5. Identify Actions

See this detailed example from the Barry O’Reilly blog on Covid
Barry O’Reilly provides a few questions to get you started:
  • What’s a significant challenge your company’s currently facing?
  • What’s a trend that you’re curious about, and wondering how it might impact your business?
  • What’s something that you really have no idea about and are curious if it could potentially impact your business?
  • For a given trend, what are some of the potential scenarios?
  • If this is true, what would happen next?
  • And do the effects start to group together? (That’s where it starts getting interesting.)
And plenty of other questions to prompt thought on the 10x Curiosity page — Questions to get you unstuck
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