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🦉 A weekly sample of links that made me think 🤔

🦉 A weekly sample of links that made me think 🤔

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🦉 10x curiosity - The Cantillon Effect and Littlewoods Law - Two more Eponymous Principles

Thinking...Also published in 10x CuriosityAn eponym is a person, place, or thing after whom or which someone or something is, or is believed to be, named. WikipediaAs an engineer I learnt all about laws named after famous dead people (normally men). Bernoulli…


🦉 10x curiosity - Just F*&%ing Start — We have time to figure out the tricky stuff before the end

Thinking...Also published on 10x CuriosityReid Hoffman says starting a new venture is about jumping of a cliff and then assembling the airplane on the way down. This captures the time limited nature of a venture before it succeeds or fails, but also implies a…


🦉 10x curiosity - My favourite reads of 2021

Connect with me at TomConnor.meIf you liked this then check out…Systems Archetypes- Places to intervene — An advantage with using systems archetypes as a problem solving methodology is that places to intervene in the system can be thought through and played w…


🦉 10x curiosity -The Carbon Budget — A tool for setting business decarbonisation goals

Historic global carbon emissions are 2160Gt CO2e. Scenario modelling (Global Carbon Project) suggests that we need to maintain CO2 levels below 2750Gt +/- 400Gt to have a chance of staying below the 1.5degC warming limit.


🦉 10x curiosity - Slack — Resource vs Flow Efficiency

I heard someone on the Tim Ferriss show once say that “busy is a choice”. But is it? With so many demands on our time in all aspects of our lives it can seem that it is everyone else’s choice but ours. How often do you wish for some time, just to step back an…


🦉 10x curiosity - Theory of Constraints - The Goal

3 . Subordinate every other decision to the bottleneck -Those resources that are not bottlenecks have (by definition) some extra capacity. Use that capacity to: Letting the non-bottlenecks help the bottleneck or take over some required but low value adding wo…


🦉 10x curiosity - Running a Scenario Planning Workshop

Leadership is about making effective decisions. These decisions are invariably based on the mental models leaders carry, about how the world works. In rapidly changing and uncertain business environments these mental models can be fatally inadequate for a com…


🦉 10x curiosity - The Path of Least Resistance

More like this...The OODA Loop — Getting ahead of your competitionSwarm Intelligence — Can managers develop simple rules to shape the behaviour of their organizations and replace rigid command-and-control structures?Foxes and Hedgehogs and improving your deci…


🦉 10x curiosity - Building Great Teams - A Reference Summary

Thinking...Also Published in 10x CuriosityOver the years I have collected and collated a long list of great references about how to go about building great teams. This is a summary of some of the better ones for those who might be interested. I love you to pa…


🦉 10x curiosity - Tools to understand and manage complexity - Nancy Leveson and STAMP

... complex systems can produce unexpected behavior and that the human operators of those systems can struggle to respond effectively. We expect that as technology advances, it will necessarily become safer — and, for the most part, that’s been true. (More th…


🦉 10x curiosity - Towards a Circular Economy

Golsteijn highlights in a well researched set of articles that:The ambition of the circular model is to keep resources in circulation for as long as possible. This means replacing scarce resources with fully renewable, recyclable or biodegradable inputs, ther…


🦉 10x curiosity - Percolation models - wild fires, pandemics and extinctions

His fascinating post highlights the importance of immunity, and social distancing and network density on the spread.We tend to think that if something’s a good idea, it will eventually reach everyone, and if something’s a bad idea, it will fizzle out. And whi…


🦉 10x curiosity - Rule of Seven - a sales tip applied to engineering success

Communicating to yourself and others — Your Personal User Manual and other great tools — Why not simply tell people directly how you would like them to interact with you?How persuasive is your message? — How are people influenced in making decisions or changi…


🦉 10x curiosity - Pluralistic Ignorance

Thinking...Also on 10x CuriosityHave you ever felt compelled to agree with a statement or position among a group of peers because you believed that it is what the group wanted or thought was the correct position to take. A subtle case of peer pressure that is…


🦉 10x curiosity - The Ship of Theseus - When does it become a different ship?

Thinking...Also published on 10 CuriosityI use Refind to find great new links and save them for later. I'm sure you'll like it, too. Use this link to sign up. Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher born in 544 b.c. said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, f…


🦉 10x curiosity - 6D's of Progress

Peter Diamandis in his book “Bold” writes about how technology progress through a predictable path on its way to having a pervasive impact across at scale across the globe. Understanding this path provides and opportunity to look ahead where things are going …


🦉 10x curiosity - Moving out of the Death-Zone Quadrant? Introducing the Sustainable Futures Matrix

A way to characterize a business is to consider how it uses resources and whether or not the costs (or benefits) associated with their use are fully captured on their balance sheet.This concept can be set up in a 2x2 matrix, which I have dubbed the “Sustainab…


🦉 10x curiosity - Learning to Juggle

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🦉 10x curiosity - Second Law of Bad Management

Thinking..Also published in 10x CuriosityThe team is stretched thin already yet you are told another person needs to be moved to a role and no, numbers are tight and you cannot back fill them. Everyone else in the team is busy on important work, previous cuts…


🦉 10x curiosity - Worst possible Idea...

Let me know what you think? I’d love your feedback. If you haven’t already then sign up for a weekly dose just like this. You might also like:Boundaries of failure — Rasmussen’s model of how accidents happen.Systems Archetypes- Places to intervene — An advant…