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Today News Africa Newsletter - Issue #109

Biden-Harris White House And Africa
Today News Africa Newsletter - Issue #109
By Today News Africa, Washington. • Issue #109 • View online
Here are our top stories today. Whenever our articles are shared by more than 65 thousand people , over 30 thousand people or even just over 9 thousand people as you can see from the first three stories below, we receive a lot of reactions from our readers, and sometimes also, a lot of negative emails. In recent weeks, we have been receiving a lot of negative emails from Ethiopia, mainly from supporters of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali telling us they would be winning the “cyber war” against Today News Africa and against the “western media”. We also receive many emails from people wanting us to include their own links in those stories, using our platform to promote their businesses or websites and ideas. This Sunday, we wanted to address both issues. First, we are not interested in any “cyber war” or cyber warfare with anyone and we are not a so-called “western media”. Like any other serious media organization registered and headquartered here in Washington DC, we focus on facts and on the newest information on every issue, and we share each of it with our readers relying a web of sources from African nations, the United States and across the globe. We also talk to people on the ground and our YouTube channel specifically focuses on speaking with local people and experts who know more about the issues than a journalist. The job of a journalist is not necessary to become an expert on every field or issue, but to find reliable people with the best and latest information on each issue. And that is what we do. We also ask those who want to benefit from our credibility and the wide global acceptance of our publication, those who want us to promote their businesses, their organizations, websites and all the rest to talk to our marketing team, and we ask our regular readers to continue to support us with their donations right at the bottom of every of our article. Many people have responded positively and thank them. Today News Africa is available for everyone, everywhere and is funded mainly by our readers. And that was our focus this weekend.
Simon Ateba, Publisher, Today News Africa, Washington DC

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Rotary commit up to $450 million to eradicate polio • Today News Africa
Amnesty International to Ethiopia: Stop the use of deadly force on protesters • Today News Africa
Oromos call for immediate U.S. action, say Oromia is under invasion by Eritrean forces • Today News Africa
In Paris, U.S. and France discuss humanitarian and human rights crises in Ethiopia's Tigray region • Today News Africa
USAID brands Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed a liar, says 'terrifying findings' show that 900,000 people in Tigray now suffering from horrific famine as crisis grows more dire and threatens the lives of millions • Today News Africa
Exclusive: Dr. Van Kerkhove, WHO COVID-19 Lead - Many factors for high Africa COVID mortality rate.
Exclusive: Dr. Van Kerkhove, WHO COVID-19 Lead - Many factors for high Africa COVID mortality rate.
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Today News Africa, Washington.

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