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The Non-Code Contributor - Issue #35

The Non-Code Contributor - Issue #35
By Justin Dorfman • Issue #35 • View online
“We do need to think about how the software that we’ve created impacts the lives of people. And there’s no easy answer.” — Stefano Maffulli
We (Richard and I) had the chance to interview Stefan0 Maffulli recently. For those who don’t know him, you should because he is the Executive Director of the OSI (Open Source Initiative). He has big plans for the non-profit. As powerful as the OSI might seem, they only bring in $500k a year compared to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) estimated annual revenue is currently $37.6M per year.
There is no reason why the OSI can’t get near that amount with the brand recognition it has. Chris Aniszczyk (CTO of the CNCF) has run for the OSI board, bringing up great ideas on how to increase revenue.
“If I were to be elected, my main mission would be to try to grow the OSI membership, build bridges with other open source foundations, consider open data as an area of interest and focus on expanding corporate membership programs.” — Chris Aniszczyk
Hopefully, one day the community will see the value Chris can bring to help sustain the organization that defines and defends the open source definition.
I look forward to seeing how Stefano will transform the OSI. I am rooting for him and his team to succeed.
— jdorfman

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A conversation with Stefano Maffulli of the OSI
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Lessons Learned in Implementing Community Management Metrics
Colin Eberhardt of Scott Logic on Software Sustainability
Isabela Presedo-Floyd of Quansight Labs on building OSS for science and improving OSS accessibility
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I believe low-code/no-code will play a crucial part in open source in the coming years. I’m happy to shine a light on anyone/organization’s efforts to elevate these efforts. The more commercial products out, the more open source alternatives will come to the supply chain.
Low-code/no-code (Satya Nadella 2022 Build Keynote)
Low-code/no-code (Satya Nadella 2022 Build Keynote)
Disclaimer: All links that I (Justin) post in any newsletter issue are what I find exciting and or thought-provoking. I don’t agree with everyone but do value their perspectives. All opinions are mine, not my employer’s or any affiliations I have with other organizations. ✌️
Thanks to Abigail Cabunoc Mayes for her feedback on this issue.
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