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The Non-Code Contributor - Issue #32

The Non-Code Contributor - Issue #32
By Justin Dorfman • Issue #32 • View online
After months of working with the Zsh (Z Shell) team, the project now has a modern logo they can be proud of. It is now on Wikipedia,, and Sourceforge.
I want to dedicate this issue to Guist, one of the most talented designers and non-code contributors I have enjoyed working with. Without her, the Zsh project would still be struggling to communicate ownership, quality, and values.
“Zsh has been around [for 32 years] and is widely used — it’s great finally to have something to announce ourselves to the world visually. This way we’re more than just a word.”
— Peter Stephenson · Zsh Maintainer

I hate taking pictures but this is an exception.
I hate taking pictures but this is an exception.
“An open source projects logo is important because it communicates ownership, quality, and values.” 
Printed on metal for my office.
Printed on metal for my office.
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julia ferraioli
I'm so excited to announce that I'm joining @CiscoOpen as one of their #OpenSource Technical Leaders! I can't wait to join @stephenaugustus and @detiber on this #OSPO dream team 🫶
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