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Crypto Credit Crisis - MMM #25

Thomas Konings
Thomas Konings
Hi there,
Another Monday morning! This week I’m finishing the course that started last week and I’ll be trying to finish the Gridlines Essential Financial Modelling course at the same time as well. Busy times, but a lot of fun too.
📃 in this Monday Morning Mashup:
  • ⭐Highlight: Crypto Credit Crisis
  • 🔍Modelling & Valuation: Model Audit Methods
  • 🌐Web: Comment Checks in China
  • 🎁Extra: xkcd Roman Numerals
Have a great week!

⭐Highlight: Crypto Credit Crisis
I’ve always found crypto to be a bubble and these past few weeks have not changed my view (😉). With exchanges freezing withdrawals following the Terra “stable” coin collapse the management of crypto corporates has been compared with Ponzi all too many times.
Check out the in-depth article about the crypto credit crisis by FT below. I’ve also included an opinion article by the Guardian.
🔍Modelling & Valuation: Model Audit Methods
An interesting read that I came across on the Gridlines blog: how to efficiently audit a model. Their answer: rebuild the model from scratch and compare the results. Their OpenBox tool makes that a piece of cake (more on that piece of software in the future).
Read their full write-up below to learn more about the considerations that went into their decision.
Financial Model Audit: Parallel Build vs Cell by Cell - Gridlines
🌐Web: Comment Checks in China
China’s internet is one of the most censored areas of the network on the globe, and that trend is set to continue. The new target: comments. Largely uncensored till now because of their volume, they’ll soon have to be checked before publishing. The changes are set to remove any space for free (as in freedom) online discussion left in the country and will impose a great cost onto social media platforms.
China wants all social media comments to be pre-reviewed before publishing
🎁Extra: xkcd Roman Numerals
This one took me a bit to figure out but was hilarious once I got it.
xkcd: Roman Numerals
Have a great week!
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