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Hello,One of the nice things of publishing a weekly newsletter is that I get to learn from great arti

Tim van der Weide

April 9 · Issue #53 · View online
Your weekly focus on sustainable solutions to make Corporates, Cycling & Ourselves better + all that overlaps! from @Timvdweide, ex-bikeshop owner, agent @andmoraal and consultant @ERMinsight.

One of the nice things of publishing a weekly newsletter is that I get to learn from great articles every week. The challenge every week is to find those articles that have scientific backing, not just feel good and doom-and-gloom stories. 
This week: Impact funds, impact entrepreneur, smart watches for bankers, cyclists’ hunt for data, private equity ESG survey and reputational risks. 
Till next week!

💸 1. Former World Bank officials launch $1billion fund for SDG investing in Latin America
🍲 2. From Michelin Star to Fastfood: Impact investing?
🏦 3. Why Dutch bank ING swapped client lunches for gym trips and used smart watches to track staff well-being
🚴 4. Cyclists Hunt for an Edge. This Time, It’s Data, Not Drugs
💥 5. ESG risks beginning to impact unlisted markets: survey
What’s more:
- Employment has long provided an outsized source of meaning for those living in the Western world. But it doesn’t have to.
Private equity put on notice over wage concerns. PE under scrutiny in Australia by pension funds. What’s fact and what is fiction remains a challenge for the PE industry.
A Periodized Approach to Carbohydrate Intake During Training and Racing. How to deal with the carbs when training. Eating is cheating?

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