Nº31 Sustainability, Cycling & Personal growth

The past week was filled with M&A activity and site visits to sweet locations. Seems like the mar

Tim van der Weide

July 17 · Issue #31 · View online
Your weekly focus on sustainable solutions to make Corporates, Cycling & Ourselves better + all that overlaps! from @Timvdweide, ex-bikeshop owner, agent @andmoraal and consultant @ERMinsight.

The past week was filled with M&A activity and site visits to sweet locations. Seems like the market is hotter than the current weather. Although, admittedly today was a beautiful cycling day in Amsterdam. Hope you had a good weekend too. If you don’t feel recovered by now, definitely read the article “Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure.”
Other articles this week on Pokemon Go (yes really!), wetsuits, coal mining, concepts of happiness, leadership skills, and a beautiful photo essay on a cycling trip from Norway to Denmark.
Enjoy the holidays for those of you who are having a break, feel free to shoot me a note when you are in Amsterdam and want to have a coffee at Meesterknecht.

Sustainability + business context
1. Don't be so cynical about Pokemon Go: It's helping people, families, businesses and cities
Personal growth
Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure. Try really hard, and then stop, recover, and repeat.
- “Why I rarely go to the office, only see my team a couple times a week, and let other people make important decisions.” (hattip to Jon!)
🚴 You may have seen Chris Froome doing a sprint this week, some people had fun with it.
📸 Enjoyed this photo essay by Pas Normal Studios about their cycling trip from Oslo to Copenhagen.

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