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Nº28 Sustainability, Cycling & Personal growth

Yes, another week passed by. Thanks again for reading. I spent time in Brussels and Paris this week l

Tim van der Weide

June 26 · Issue #28 · View online
Your weekly focus on sustainable solutions to make Corporates, Cycling & Ourselves better + all that overlaps! from @Timvdweide, ex-bikeshop owner, agent @andmoraal and consultant @ERMinsight.

Yes, another week passed by. Thanks again for reading. I spent time in Brussels and Paris this week learning about project management and speaking to sustainable finance clients. Not enough on the bike though ;). Hope you were able to enjoy the weekend and had some sunshine. Good luck to my British friends as well, recovering from the Brexit. 
At Meesterknecht, the bikeshop I co-own, we are also going through some positive changes. Reorganizing roles and structuring processes. That is the fun of an entrepreneur, not complaining about problems, but solving them. (Thanks @Matt for the renewed insight)
This week: batteries becoming cheaper, your jacket may be polluting the waterways, declutter your mind and to do list, from wall street to triathlon and Phelps on looking for answers in life. 
See you next week, and as always feel free to suggest links!

Sustainability + business context
1. Batteries on a Game Changing Curve
2. Tesla Buying SolarCity: This Deal Defies Common Sense
- Eating less meat is good for the planet and your health. Yes that is a fact. But what to eat if you enjoy meat so much? “Impossible Foods took a high-tech approach to creating a meat-free burger that replicates the real thing.” and another test of the plant burger.
- Your Patagonia Jacket Is Probably Polluting Waterways.  Great example of a company daring to be vulnerable and making a problem discussable instead of hiding it.
Personal growth
- Think Less, Think Better? About “how much we overlook, not just about the world, but also about the full potential of our inner life, when our mind is cluttered”. (Yes I sneaked in another article on meditation)
- Bullet Journal? (Video) anyone familiair with this concept to organize to-do lists?
- From Wall street dealmaker to Triathlete? It sure requires the same amount of discipline. The latter may be more fun though?
How to properly fuel your morning workout? Note the difference between feeding and fueling. Especially for my friends who eat omelets before going on a ride. ;)
- Although not cycling related, competitive swimmer Michael Phelps tries to find himself before the Rio olympics. Another article one how one can lose oneself with too much narrow focus in life.
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