Nº26 Sustainability, Cycling & Personal growth

Hope you are all ready for the week to come. Here is some nighttime reading or breakfast for the week
June 12 - Issue #26

Tim van der Weide

Your weekly focus on sustainable solutions to make Corporates, Cycling & Ourselves better + all that overlaps! from @Timvdweide, ex-bikeshop owner and consultant @ERMinsight.

Hope you are all ready for the week to come. Here is some nighttime reading or breakfast for the week! This week: lots on investors and ESG, sustainability reporting and which framework or standards to follow, child workers still a big problem, how meditation helped a former finance exec, and cheat your way with a 45min workout!

Sustainability + business context
1. Out of the Sustainability Doldrums
2. Is Competition Between Sustainability Reporting Standards Healthy? SASB vs GRI
168 million child workers: we must work with producers and workers to stop exploitation
ESG analysis helped Domini shed Valeant, the drugmaker, from its portfolio when the company’s focus shifted.
- Incremental change is not good enough anymore. The UN Global Compact and Volans are partnering to develop the Breakthrough Innovation Platform.
Personal growth
- “I meditated for 12,740 Minutes this past year to be more like Ray Dalio and Kobe.” Nothing wrong with following role models when they have a positive influence.
- Minimal time, maximum reward: two 45-minute interval sessions to fit into your busy life (only one of them works in the Netherlands ;)
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