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Nº25 Sustainability, Cycling & Personal growth

Hope you all had a good week. I was busy working on a few exciting projects and riding my bike in bet

Tim van der Weide

June 5 · Issue #25 · View online
Your weekly focus on sustainable solutions to make Corporates, Cycling & Ourselves better + all that overlaps! from @Timvdweide, ex-bikeshop owner, agent @andmoraal and consultant @ERMinsight.

Hope you all had a good week. I was busy working on a few exciting projects and riding my bike in between. It’s been gorgeous out here and always try to find at least an hour to go ride.

Sustainability + business context
1. Global-Warming Alarmists, You're Doing It Wrong
H&M, Gap, and Walmart are accused of widespread worker abuse. Hard to gauge how much of it is true as they all three have quite extensive audits in place.
- There are so many myths around sustainable investing. Julie Gorte comments on a recent published report about it.
Personal growth
Meditating At Work: It’s Not Just For Hippies. They say repetition is key, so here’s another article that break down the data on why a little calm can go a long way.
6 Tips for Post-Ride Recovery Food. Nah, maybe not donuts. But if you’re craving them, we sell homemade donuts at Meesterknecht every Saturday. Dubbed the best donuts in town.
- With all the riding, I’m doing it’s good to do some strength training as well.
Opinions in this newsletter are solely those of Tim van der Weide and do not necessarily represent views of those quoted or cited, ERM or its partners or clients.
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