By Tibz

Hi, My name is Tibz. In this newsletter, I share infrequent life updates as well as my thoughts on the world of tech and pop-culture! :) Friends & Family only!

Hi, My name is Tibz. In this newsletter, I share infrequent life updates as well as my thoughts on the world of tech and pop-culture! :) Friends & Family only!

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🎩👰🏻💍❤️ JUST MARRIED | TibzLetter #27

Hi everybody! It’s been just over two months since my last update, and life has continued at a very fast pace over here!Since my last email, Shana and I have moved away from Dublin in January and we spent a month or so in the south of France at my parents hou…


💍 🥰 SHE SAID YES! (TibzLetter #26)

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last email, and the end of the year for Shana and me has been simply focused on our Winter break and on planning to move out of Dublin.Over the first week, we left Dublin and traveled back down to the South of France to st…


👋🏼 Hello there... Miss me? | TibzLetter #25

Summing up the summer very quickly, we were lucky enough to enjoy two different breaks between June/July and later in August.First, we traveled to Canada. More specifically, we spent a few days in Niagara Falls with Shana’s family who had traveled up from the…


🇬🇧✈️ London, a year later...

I came over for a business trip early in the week, and extended my stay to the weekend to make the most of the city. As it happened, it was a lucky time to travel, as this side of the continent was going through a heatwave.During the first few days, I was at …


😱⏳🇮🇪 Crazy past 60 days! (TibzLetter #23)

A lot has happened since my last email.First of all, I've turned 27. Two days later, it was Shana's turn. And on the 14th of February, we celebrated our first anniversary together. (You read that correctly: we met on Valentine's Day last year 😍)We essentially…


🏡 A place to call 'Home'...

As I’m typing these lines, we have finally moved in to our apartment yesterday. It’s been coming for a while, and we’re stoked to finally have a place to call our own, to unpack, and to decorate as we desire.We live in an area of Dublin called Smithfield. It’…



I realize it’s been a while since my last update, but we have been BUSY here at Tibz HQ! And I am still late on publishing the last few Vlogs for 2017: Bali, Malaysia, Dubai part 2, Europe, and the US…


🇺🇸 Live from New York! 🌃

Hello everybody! We're finally at the end of the year, it's gone CRAZY fast, and I'm writing this from the United States of Mmerica —more specifically from the East Coast.


Summer's Over, but I'm still on the road | TibzLetter - Issue #18

Hello everybody!It's hard to believe that my last email to you was 2 months ago... And since then, a whole lot has happened!


✈️🌏🇻🇳 Vietnamese Seafood

I first visited Saigon back in 2008, however, we were there as tourists, with my family, and only stayed for a few days to check out some temples and a museum or two.Since then, I had heard about it being a hub where a lot of startups exist, and where digital…


An Origin Story

As most of you know, I'm 1/4 Vietnamese — from my grandfather on my mom's side. My grandfather actually left Vietnam at 17, back in the late 1930s. The eldest amongst five siblings, he was drafted by the French Army, back when Vietnam was still a colony as pa…


[✈️🇦🇺😅] I'm in Australia now...

After our holidays in Korea, Shana left to go back to the US. On my end, I had an extra week in the country, so I decided to visit Busan for the weekend. You can watch the latest vlog below:


[🇰🇷🍤🌊🚄] New Videos & a weekend trip to the seaside

As I'm writing this update, I am in the train back from Busan, in the south-eastern coast of South Korea, all the way down.Traveling to/from Seoul is easy thanks to a really convenient and fast train system. Taking this trip all the way to the other side of t…


[Tibz] Come chat with me live from Seoul on Monday!

Assuming this goes well, I'd like to be a bit more active and give more news using Live Video... So we'll see how it goes. Anyways, check back on my profile, below.


[🇰🇷😻🍲☕️] So much S(e)oul!

Over the past ten days, I've gotten to discover multiple facets of Korean life, its food, its lifestyle, and its culture -- both old and modern sides. And I've been loving every moment and every day.I do not actually know a lot of close friends who have been …


🙋🏻‍♂️ 🇨🇳 Comfortable being Uncomfortable (SHANGHAI)

Thanks again for reading all the way to the end! I'm gonna start packing for my next destination — it starts with an S.Take care y'all!—Tibz


Tibz in Dubai

My flight from Nice took off around 1:20pm. It took me close to three hours to arrive in Stockholm, where I had just over an hour to wait, before boarding on my flight to Dubai.Even being on the plane, it still didn't quite hit me that I was leaving to be on …


A New Beginning

Thursday, 13:45 — 25mn into my flight between Nice and Stockholm. In the air for to reach the Swedish capital, before a connecting flight to the first destination of my trip, in Dubai.


✈️🌏😱 I'm leaving in 4 days! [TIBZ WTF!]

Regarding my latest news, it's all been in the videos & vlogs lately —to talk about:The motivation behind this wonderful adventure:


I'm available to WERK!

The way I see it, I have two choices ahead of me: 1) I can look for another mission, some more client work.2) Or, I can try and cook up my own thing. Whatever that thing may be.