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Hello everybody !
It’s been a few weeks since my last message, but I can assure you that I’ve been BU-SY!

After our holidays in Korea, Shana left to go back to the US. On my end, I had an extra week in the country, so I decided to visit Busan for the weekend. You can watch the latest vlog below: 
040: A weekend in Busan on Vimeo
040: A weekend in Busan on Vimeo
Busan is a charming city located as far down south as you can get. It’s famous for its fish market, its harbour, and its film festival. Oh, and let’s not forget Gamcheon, a small colourful village that will bring back to mind the Cinque Terre in Italy.
Overall, it’s been a great trip, albeit a short one. But just a few days later, I would fly to Australia, for a month!
Impossible to go around Sydney without a trip to see the beautiful Opera House
Impossible to go around Sydney without a trip to see the beautiful Opera House
I first landed in Sydney, and I invite you to watch my adventures in the second Vlog for today — as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been busy.
040: A weekend in Busan on Vimeo
040: A weekend in Busan on Vimeo
Sydney was very interesting, it was my first time back surrounded by westernised white people, after Dubai, Shanghai, and Seoul. But I quickly found my marks: it’s a big enough city that there are distinct interesting neighbourhoods and activities all year round, *but* it’s still small enough that you can easily walk everywhere. In my case, that meant long walks at different times of days and night.
Cheers, James!
Cheers, James!
I was lucky enough to catch up with two different friends from Brighton: Charlotte, back from University, and then James and his girlfriend Lauren. I used to work with James for about two years, back when I was at Realmac Software. It was really great to catch up with these great humans!
And in addition, spending 10 days in Sydney gave me some good time to get back to being productive and work for my clients a bit more than when I was in Korea. Glad to be back on tracks!
Some music for you...
Amazing Chill - Volume 04: Shanghai
Love & Beats - Volume 05: Traveling through Asia
And that's all for now!
I’m going to keep it at that for now, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed these new vlogs and this email. I’ve got loads to talk to you about, but I’ll save this for the next email!
See you soon!
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