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😱⏳🇮🇪 Crazy past 60 days! (TibzLetter #23)

Almost two months have come and gone since the last email. And believe me, it’s been quite eventful over here in Dublin.
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And now, brace yourselves for this is a long one!

Life in Dublin
A lot has happened since my last email.
First of all, I’ve turned 27. Two days later, it was Shana’s turn. And on the 14th of February, we celebrated our first anniversary together.
(You read that correctly: we met on Valentine’s Day last year 😍)
We essentially spent that week going out to different places around town for drinks and dinner dates as we reflected on the past year of traveling, meeting one another, taking chances, and making it work despite the distance.
For my birthday, Shana took me out to a delicious BBQ joint, in our neighorhood!
For my birthday, Shana took me out to a delicious BBQ joint, in our neighorhood!
Since we moved to Dublin, I’ve also gotten back to working out fairly regularly: we are lucky to live about 12mn away from Phoenix Park by foot, so I’ve been running over there once a week. In addition, I’ve been working out in the apartment using the Fitbit Coach app, formerly known as Fitstar.
It’s been super helpful to get back into shape after a devastating end of the year.
I'm hoping to get my 5K under 30mn within the next couple of weeks.
I'm hoping to get my 5K under 30mn within the next couple of weeks.
It’s also been VERY cold in Dublin. You might have heard of it referred to as the “Beast from the East”: an intense cold wave coming from Russia. It wasn’t as bad as the low temperature experienced in the US or Canada, but the climate is incredibly humid here in Dublin, so it kind of cuts through your bones.
We’ve got the confirmation of that fact after chatting with Shana’s Swedish coworkers: they get colder temperatures back home but it’s a dry cold.
Beast from the East
Here's what February 2018 looked like via 1SecondEveryday
Here's what February 2018 looked like via 1SecondEveryday
Adventures around Ireland
In the past few weeks, we also took a few trips around the country: the first one to Belfast, and the other one south of Dublin, to a small place called Killiney.
The blog posts below will give you a good idea of how fun these outings were!
A Day Trip Belfast
A Day out around the Killiney Bay
Professional Projects and Client Work
On the professional front, I’m continuing to work with two regular clients who are trying to do a better job growing their communities on Social Media.
I’ve also started working on two projects in the wide world of the Blockchain.
The first one is already live and aims to do a better job solving issues around Advertising and Privacy, with an emphasis on being a better alternative to Publishers and Web Users.  I’m also excited because I get to work with my friend Anji, whom I’ve known since my San Francisco days, back in 2011.
The second one should be announced soon and I’ll happily share more once it’s live.
In addition to this obvious newsletter, I’ve been trying to write a bit more frequently on my personal blog, as well as moving away from platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
2018: “The Year of Twitter”
Outside from my personal blog, I’ve found a new community to join, for smaller interactions that do not require articles of hundreds of words. It’s called
They’re a smaller platform and community focused on personal interactions, and supported by a revenue model where you actually pay for the service, in exchange for access. It doesn’t collect my data, for a change.
I seriously encourage you to try it out… if you’re into that.
"Are you not Entertained?"
As you know, Pop Culture is important to me.
So I try to keep an eye on the books I read, the music I listen to, and the movies and TV shows I watch. I’m just nerding out about data, of course, but it’s also a way to give myself some time to review these things.
I’d be happy to go into more details about this, as I’ve recently integrated different apps and services directly with my Journaling app of choice.
But in the meantime, here are some of the things what I’ve enjoyed recently:
Thankfully, we have a great little arthouse cinema in our neighborhood, so this makes it dangerously easy to go and take a break during the week, or have a lotvely date with Shana over the weekend.
Phantom Thread
‎‘The Shape of Water’
When it comes to TV shows, I’m trying to go through shows one season at a time, and removing dumb sitcoms. I still love these types of shows. But I want to focus my attention on high production value and great storytelling, more so than a “story of the week” with a few jokes here and there.
Star Trek: Discovery
Altered Carbon
The Wire - Season 1
Marvel's The Punisher
Atlanta - Season 1
The Defiant Ones
This Is Us
'How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars: The Snapchat Story'
'Ready Player One'
"These are a few of my favorite things..."
Lately I’ve discovered a website called The Nib. Every day, they come up with cartoons relevant to the day’s news. Here are a few of my recent favorites:
"Start the Presses!"
"The Blockchain Is Secure"
See you in the next one!
For my defense, I did warn you that this was going to be a long one.
But I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to your feedback. Once again, use the little thumbs up/down buttons at the end of the email, or just hit reply to let me know how you feeeeeeeel.
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