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The.Swift.Dev - Newsletter - Issue #3

The.Swift.Dev - Newsletter
The.Swift.Dev - Newsletter - Issue #3
By Tibor Bödecs • Issue #3 • View online
New articles and some interesting Swift related news.

This month was unusually busy for me, but I was able to write quite many new articles and I’ve found some interesting stuff too.
The biggest achievement of the month was definitely the release of the async HTTP API client library, you should take a look at the repository and you can also read my introduction on the blog.
Async HTTP API clients in Swift - The.Swift.Dev.
Beginner's guide to Swift arrays - The.Swift.Dev.
The repository pattern for Vapor 4 - The.Swift.Dev.
How to use a Swift library in C - The.Swift.Dev.
You should know about
This month I’ve collected a bunch of tweets that I found interesting.
Mark Vitale
@sindresorhus I just released Rocket Calendar - a fast and simple calendar in your menu bar. Completely free and ad-free.
Sarun W.
There are many ways to catch throwing errors in Swift.

Learn all of them here:
Fabian Fett
Another Swift 5.6 feature ♥️: Diagnose API breaking changes. If you are a library owner, it is now easy to check if you accidentally break public API. Ideally you make this part of your CI. Huge shoutout to community contributor @owenvoorhees who implemented this.👌
Cosmin 
Today I learned that in Swift you can have default values for keys that are not in the dictionary 🤯
What's next?
The good news is that I’ve got some Feather CMS related work to do, the bad news is that I had no time to allocate time on the docs or the public home page. Another good news is that hopefully the Feather team will grow and I’m not going to work alone on this project anymore. This means that we’re going to be able to build the native SDKs and hopefully Feather will be available on iOS & Android as well. It’s an exciting new chapter in my life and I can’t wait to see how things are going to turn out on the long term.
Have a nice week and enjoy the sunshine. (:
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Tibor Bödecs

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