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The.Swift.Dev - Newsletter
The.Swift.Dev - Newsletter - Issue #2
By Tibor Bödecs • Issue #2 • View online
Introducing Feather CMS at CocoaHeadsNL.

This time I’ve got a bunch of interesting articles and links for you.
I was working with UIKit again and I have a few advices for you, including view and memory management plus some useful tips.
10 little UIKit tips you should know - The.Swift.Dev.
UIKit - loadView vs viewDidLoad - The.Swift.Dev.
How to create reusable views for modern collection views? - The.Swift.Dev.
Feather CMS + CocoaHeadsNL
Last week I had an online talk about Feather CMS on the Dutch CocoaHeads Meetup YT channel. If you missed my speech, you can check it now, it’s available on YouTube. Enjoy. (:
Introducing Feather CMS, by Tibor Bödecs (English)
Introducing Feather CMS, by Tibor Bödecs (English)
Because of this occasion, you can still purchase my Practical Server Side Swift book with a discount, only for $29 on Gumroad.
You should know about
I’ve got quite many interesting links & articles this time:
Replace your Xcode icon with colorful variants
“This morning my attention was grabbed by an old post in the Apple Developer Forums, bemoaning the appearance of NSAlert…”
“Date representation is complicated. How can we ensure that the receiver interprets date time the same way as a sender?”
“There are often cases where no built-in formatters exist to format the displayed values as needed. There is an alternative in those circumstances; to create our own custom formatters.”
This week we will learn how to inject the dependencies into feature modules to improve testability and facilitate Xcode previews.
What's next?
I’m getting ready with the public website for Feather CMS, plus I also started to create proper documentation & tutorials for the lib. Hopefully by the end of March you’re going to be able to browse the docs online and take a look at the brand new site.
I’ll post some sneak-peaks later on on my Twitter channel…
Have a great week! (:
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Tibor Bödecs

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