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The.Swift.Dev. - Newsletter

The.Swift.Dev - Newsletter
The.Swift.Dev. - Newsletter
By Tibor Bödecs • Issue #1 • View online
Practical Server Side Swift - Third edition is now ready!

Hello again,
Quite a lot of time has been passed since I’ve created a newsletter issue, but the second half of the last year was very complicated for me. Lots of good and bad things happened, but I’m still alive. (:
Hopefully I am going to have more time this year and it’s going to be the beginning of something entirely new. First of all you should note that I just migrated my newsletter from MailChimp to Revue and I’m already in love with the new platform.
I hope you’ll like the new format, I’m planning to send out issues more frequently, plus I’ve got some big plans for this year. FYI you can manage your subscription preferences at the bottom.
Anyways, I’m here again with some new Swift related content.
Practical Server Side Swift - Third Edition 
I’m extremely happy to announce that the third edition of the book is now available on Gumroad. Sample is available on my page.
It is a huge update, with lots of new stuff, you should definitely take a look if you want to learn about Vapor & server side Swift.
Thank you for supporting me with your purchase.
On the blog I have some recent articles, I’m still focusing more on server side Swift, because I’m currently working on Feather CMS and I’ve learned lots of new things about how I should design and code backend systems. Have you seen my shiny new tools?
How to write HTML in Swift? - The.Swift.Dev.
The future of server side Swift - The.Swift.Dev.
You should know about
I’ve also collected some interesting third party content for you:
“In this blog post we’ll go through required steps and create a package collection with Augmented Code packages.”
“I’ll show you many of the new and nifty features of Swift Playgrounds 4 in this video.”
“This article is a collection of ideas that you can use for writing your clients.”
It was hard to figure out the purpose and intended use of each kind of button, and there were hardly any clues inside Xcode itself. So I decided to do some research to find some tips about what each button is for.
What's next?
This year I’m going to spend most of my time on building and releasing Feather CMS. Regular updates, proper documentation, client SDK and many more new stuff is coming soon for the project.
I’m planning to build an entire ecosystem that you can use to build and deliver backends and apps with ease. The current system is almost feature complete, I still have to improve certain things, but I have to say replacing Leaf with SwiftHtml was the right choice.
Hopefully I’ll be able to prepare the docs and get more information about the project in a few weeks at If you want to know more about Feather CMS or if you want to help me developing it, you should definitely join the official discord server.
Thanks for reading, stay tuned and follow me on Twitter. (;
Have a nice week!
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Tibor Bödecs

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