Through The Vine's Newsletter - Issue #2: Board of Directors Announcement + Ambassadors!



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Through The Vine's Newsletter - Issue #2: Board of Directors Announcement + Ambassadors!
By Through The Vine • Issue #2 • View online
Hey everyone!
We’ll make this issue straightforward :)
For High School Students:
Thank you for using our services! Please fill out our feedback survey! This will allow us to see how we’re doing, and we can possibly use your feedback as a testimonial on our website to give others an idea of what our services are like!
Additionally, if you want to help promote our organization so that others can also benefit, consider being an ambassador for us! Since being an ambassador is a position at our organization, you can put this down as one of your activities on your college applications too :) More information can be found on our website.
For Volunteers:
Thank you for helping us out! We know that some of our mentors are still unmatched – we’re trying our best to match you guys all up, but please keep in mind that it all depends on how many mentees have signed up as well as how good of a match they are for you.
Our main update is that we will be implementing a 3-reminder system that’ll change which applications are kept active and inactive. If you haven’t completed training yet, please do so ASAP! We will send out final reminders and volunteer applications that haven’t finished training will be inactivated, meaning you will not be considered a Through The Vine volunteer!!
Fill out our feedback survey! We appreciate your feedback as it helps us know how you feel about your assignments
And of course, you can also be an ambassador! This can be an additional position for you at our organization, and you’d (hopefully) be attracting new high school students to our organization who you can help out! More information can be found on our website.
Announcement: Our Board of Directors!
Thank you to all of you who applied for a leadership position! We’re happy to announce that this will be our Board of Directors:
Co-Presidents: Michelle Twan and Lynchi Nguyen (ah yes, who saw that coming?)
Mentorship Program Director: Richard Tran
Essay Editing Program Director: Anuja Solanki
Outreach Director: Kim-Le Tran
Media Director: Megan Nguyen
Finance Director: David Kim
If you applied and didn’t receive the position, you may be able to try at the end of this academic year – we enjoyed meeting all our applicants :)

Feedback Survey for High School Students
Feedback Survey for Volunteers
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