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Mental Wellness Hacks

Hello. Bonjour. Ni Hao. Willkommen. Konnichiwa. Welcome to Thrive. In this week’s issue we will be ex
Mental Wellness Hacks
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Hello. Bonjour. Ni Hao. Willkommen. Konnichiwa. Welcome to Thrive. In this week’s issue we will be exploring how to discover how emotionally well you are, and how to grow forther.

Measurable & Actionable Steps to Your Mental Wellness
Outsmart Evolution and Master Your Emotions
Outsmart Evolution and Master Your Emotions
Renowned psychologist and emotion-guru Paul Ekman describes how introducing conscious awareness to facial expressions can help one override and control their emotions.
Undelusional Emotional Wellness Spectrum
Mental wellness often doesn’t have a measuring scale as we know it. We might think of it as either being mentally well or unwell. But what does it mean to be mentally well, and what does it mean when one is mentally unwell? It can’t be just labels of psychiatric disorders and symptoms of how they manifest - it has to be more. We at Undelusional explore the tools and skillsets people who are mentally well have at their disposal to manage their work as well as life with. Have you taken our GREAT test yet? Discover where you lie on the Undelusional Emotional Wellness Spectrum (UES). We’re going to embark on exploring the different factors that affect emotional & mental wellness from next week onwards!
We all experience six basic and universal emotions. Can you identify when you feel each of them? Are you able to identify how strong these emotions are (or otherwise) when you observe yourself feeling them? We’re going to break down each emotion in the coming few weeks - so if there’s a particular emotion that you’re really interested in, let us know by responding to this newsletter - so we can get you the information you might be interested in!
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