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Web3 in a Tweet, The Rise of the CCO and more...

Community Nuggets
Community Nuggets
Top Tweets that came under our radar today!

🗓 Community (re)Focus 2021 tomorrow...
Tina Amper 🚢
Great chatting with you today @toddnilson and @varun Luthra @Grazitti !

Looking forward to our panel tomorrow, Oct 12.

Hey ya'll - join us at #Community (re)Focus 2021

Moderate. But do it the right way.
Community Coach Carmen
Pro tip: as a community mgr if you are going to block someone in the community, make sure you give them the courtesy of explaining why they were blocked and the rules broken. Educating people on how to be good members of communities can only be a good thing. They are humans too.
The Rise of the CCO.
David Spinks
Another Chief Community Officer position is born!

This one looks really awesome, helping women advance in the workplace and create more equitable workplaces.
Web3 in a single tweet.
Ian ✺
Blockchains = Web3 servers + DBs

Smart contracts = Web3 apps

Public keys = Web3 usernames

Private keys = Web3 passwords

Tokens = Web3 platform assets

Tokenomics = Web3 business models

x2E = Web3 user acquisition models

NFTs = Web3 media assets

DAOs = Web3 social networks
Crew behind the scenes of SaaSBOOMi
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Community Nuggets
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